Anything that steals your joy, your peace, your tranquility, your serenity and love is of the negative ego. Remember the negative ego roams like a lion seeking someone to devour. The negative ego clamors for attention, struggles to intervene in one’s life and suffocates true knowing and awareness. The negative ego is very powerful and very cunning. It is also very vulnerable and completely dependent. In and of itself the negative ego, darkness, evil has no power. It must feed in a symbiotic relationship with its host. Juxtaposed, light is powerful, is the source and is independent of all outside influences.

Only the individual can feed the negative ego.

Ignoring those voices is not the answer, rather not resisting them turns the tumultuous waves of thought and emotions into a tranquil and serene lake of consciousness. The negative ego knows exactly your vulnerable places; so there are some actions that can be taken.

— One is not to resist the negative thoughts.

— Two is asking for the transmutation and transformation of these negative thoughts, ideas, emotions to turn back into the light.

In other words, that the power stole from the light to give movement and power to the darkness is returned to its rightful place in the light. When you offer up these negative thoughts to be transformed and transmuted they are given back into the light.

There are internal processes within each person that ought be brought to resolution; for they are the magnets that draw the negativity to you.

What do these feelings created by the negative ego say about you. What is the emotional message created by the voices? Who has said this to you before? Have you experienced, as children and perhaps throughout your adult life, rejection? Rejection expressed through passiveness, disinterest, and lack of consideration, primarily by those whom you loved or sought to be loved by? You have been trained that you are a non-being by the inappropriate response of others. The crux of the matter is in strengthening your own personal identity, not just your attributes. It is not just focusing a camera in which you can see yourself, it is acknowledging your existence, being fully present and expressive.

How does one strengthen their identification?

Not just a list of attributes for the attributes are the vessel, the outward expression, the skin that holds the true essence and being. Being present for yourself even in the midst of trial or tribulation. Identification does not change by outward circumstances. How much of your personal definition of success or failure, spiritual mastery or not, goodness or negativity is based upon outward influences? When you look for validation outside yourself, which is already faulty, it amplifies lack of validation by others. The answer is when you are clear that what you have done is good, you no longer need the lesson that would make you doubt yourself. In a sense, when it doesn’t matter, it does matter.

negative egoFocus upon the eternal constructs and the external physical constructs will fall into alignment.

Go boldly forward, aware for yourself of the value of what you do. And when we say it doesn’t matter, we don’t mean you are condemned to a life of little luxuries or friends or acknowledgment–it means it cannot be stolen from you.

Validate yourself, affirm the good work you have done.
Acknowledge what you have created and see the beauty that is unfolding before you. Acknowledge the worth of what you have done. Somewhere, someone’s life is better and brighter because of you.

Don’t try to grasp for straws when you are the hand that holds them. Your holding the short one and the long ones. You don’t have to guess. You are in control.