How does one see into the future? How do you determine what the outcome of your future might be–or can be? It is well known that the only place of power is in the present moment. So how do you determine if your goals are being reached or that you are even on the right path for that which you desire?

When one creates a goal, an energetic destination — what is the predictability of if and when these events will occur? What is prophecy and who can be a prophet? Are you a prophet of your own destiny? Or are you too intimately involved to see clearly? Does the present moment foreshadow future events? And if the only “real” moment is the present one, then the future must be contained within it.

You live in a linear world, one of cause and effect. Miracles are, indeed, the manifestation of your desires outside the normal realm of natural law. Yet synchronistically, grace and ease play an integral part in creating the pathway for what you desire.

So how do you sit here today and determine what your future holds?

We will say this, the universe always responds in the most expedient and appropriate manner for that which you desire.

The factors involved is how compatible is your current reality to nurture the seeds of your future desires. There must be a place in your present moment that holds that which you desire in your future. The seed must be present. The seed must be nurtured. The seed must be protected.

Create the seed in your present day. That is the foundation from which your desires spring forth. Make a place in your current day for that which you desire. Make a place in your current thoughts.

The time period between the thought and manifestation of your desires is in direct proportion to conscious and unconscious resistance.

What in your current life hinders you and works in opposition to that which you desire. The more you see what you desire in your present moment, the faster it will manifest. Bring it into the present and it will manifest.

The more you hold your desires in the future or outside of yourself the less you possess it. The seed of tomorrow is in your today. And you will not ever achieve a desire or goal that is not in the present. Make your today fertile grounds for your tomorrow. Bring it emotionally and mentally and spiritually into your reality. See it existing now.

Remember creation is not the instigation of the process, it is the result of the merging of thought and desire. Don’t wait for the creation—be the creation.

You do not need to scramble around in physical activities as much as you need to merge your desire and your thought, and your path will be made smooth.