The pending shift in consciousness is defined by the ever-increasing awareness of the oneness of All That Is–and as a result the demise of the negative ego consciousness. The negative ego consciousness is that self identification that sees one’s individual expression in conflict and competition with the other aspects of creation. The negative ego consciousness sees its environment and the individuals within it as a threat. The negative ego consciousness is born from the belief of vulnerability and powerlessness in the environment in which one lives.

The dichotomy of this current phase of existence, where the ever-increasing awareness of the Oneness of All That Is with its support and assistance to each aspect of creation, is its hallmark.

On the other hand, the turbulent upheavals in finance, society, government and health created by the disintegration of the old paradigms of social interaction confront this new belief. These upheavals create fertile ground for the negative ego consciousness. As a result the negative ego desperately grasps at human consciousness to drag it back down into the belief that one lives in a reality in which they have no control. As a result in the death throes of the negative ego consciousness, its affect becomes more violent and disruptive to the human psyche.

Each of humanity is being challenged to take the leap in consciousness that exists beyond the finite perception of self identity into a far greater and more expansive identity than one can consciously comprehend.

As Elijah in the cave heard the still, small voice of God beckoning him into the light, it is time for each of humanity to step out of the cave of separation and isolation into the light of a new dawn of awareness. The challenges individually, socially, governmentally and environmentally are not to be seen as threats but rather as boundaries of limitation being disintegrated. Stepping beyond the preconceived limitations of awareness into a new earth–a new earth in which all of God’s creation is in synchronistic harmony and balance with each other.

The Oneness of All That Is is the truth of the universe unfettered by the limitations of human consciousness.

The third dimensional plane of existence is on the eve of returning again to the garden. It is a time of celebration. It is also a time of conviction and courage. Be unafraid and anticipate the light of a new day.