Much of humanity’s fear and anxiety is created by the illusion that there is an element of consciousness that is unknown. Behind the closed door, around the corner, and beyond the horizon are perceived as unknown and, therefore, threatening.

Is it curious that the illusion of not knowing is always seen in a negative context.

Perhaps there is a message there and a lesson. That being, it is a falsehood, it is a denial of consciousness to assume that anything is unknown. In the Consciousness of All That Is everything is present and all is known.

We are sure that you are thinking, “That is not true. I don’t now know what tomorrow brings? I do not know what is around the corner. If I did, I would not be blind-sided by unexpected events, there would be no accidents or conflicts.”

That is a very valid concern, and we understand the human perception of reality, which is linear. unknown

When you understand that all in reality is truly known to Consciousness, there are no surprises.

When you determine where you are heading in the now, you can be assured that that which lies beyond your conscious perception will be in alignment with your intent of the moment.

There are no surprises, there are no accidents, there are no conflicts that are not created by decisions and actions made in the present moment.

Your “now” is your headlight into the darkness.

Your thoughts and actions are the compass headings that move you toward your destination. If your life is riddled with unexpected events, disruptions, and accidents — stop, look and listen to your current behavior, to your current thought processes and your emotions which propel them. For your future can only be that which your present creates and allows.

You do not need to be afraid of the future for the seeds that you plant in the present bear the harvest of tomorrow. You do not need to be afraid of the unknown for the shadows of the unknown are lit by the understanding of your now. In the present moment, as you have been instructed, is your power and the ability to change your reality. It is also true that the present holds the light that eliminates the darkness of that which is perceived outside human awareness.

Your present not only creates your future, your present thoughts and actions allow you to view all potential and to choose what delicacies of existence you wish to put upon the plate of your reality.

Therefore, the degree to which things seem unknown to you is the degree to which you are unaware of yourself in the present.