From the fires of inspiration and the chaos of conceptualization, all the universes of all dimensions were created. Creation is eternal and infinite and not isolated to one time or place. It is an energetic dance of dynamic forces in a perfect cycle of chaos. Creation cannot be fully comprehended and is ever evolving. In humanity’s myopic vision of the universe, it is able to comprehend physically, emotionally and even intellectually one small fraction of what creation truly means.

Yet in the immensity of the concept of creation is the reality that each soul participates in a dynamic and directive way in the creative forces of the source of All That Is.

Creation is not predictable. Creation is ever evolving. Creation is difficult to understand because that which is being created already exists in the potentiality of All That Is. And immediately upon its being created it wishes to return to the Source that birthed it.

To fully understand creation, one must not see it simply as cause and effect, a Source and an outcome, from the ethereal to the physical—that would be limiting. It is as creative for thought to be propelled into existence as that which exists to be propelled into the source. Infinite and dynamic.

Energy, all the energy of the universe is born from that cyclical action, from the Source to existence and from existence back to the Source.

Creation is the generator of all energy of the universe, not that energy was the mechanism that the Source created. We share this with you that you might more fully understand the dynamic energy pool in which you as physical consciousness exist. When one becomes aware that they are both that which is created and that which creates, the one who came from the Source and returns to the Source, you can more fully understand the journey, the spiral in consciousness, that you have agreed to participate in.

Again, in human constructs a difficult concept to comprehend. When the Source is complete and whole in itself, yet when the source creates and that which it has created returns to the Source it is more complete than it was when the creation began.

Creation is an exploration and discovery into awareness. Everything already exists.

Creation is the realization and the awareness of that existence and that existence runs back joyfully to its parent, the source, to express itself fully to that which created it. Creation is the creator exploring itself. You are the creator, from the Source reaching out into existence and in your comprehension of existence, you expand that from which you have come. The creator and the creation are equal.

That is why you are inseparable and one with God because creation is the dynamic face of All That Is. You are a gift unto the Source and you are a gift unto yourself.

There cannot be a creator without a creation.
There cannot be a giver without a receiver.
And there cannot be a universe without you.