Do not create a glass ceiling of consciousness. Do not limit that which you can attain. You are the master of your spiritual house, not the servant, and the crumbs that fall from the table are not yours to consume.

Spirituality and the attainment of its attributes are a powerful process for humanity. When the door to spiritual awareness is ajar and the light of a new consciousness is emerging into the darkness of the human mind, one can become overwhelmed. Do not allow the evidence of spiritual presence to limit your goals of understanding.

We speak this because the marvels and wonders of a new dimension are emerging upon this plane of existence and one can even become distracted by the evidence of that fact. Any portion of spiritual awakening is full of wonder and mystery and one holds tightly onto that which they have attained.

Humanity can become distracted with new spiritual information.

Spiritual awarenesses are stepping stones to yet greater insight. Be open and willing to expand, to allow yourself to reach beyond your conscious awareness to the outer edges of spiritual awakening, to the realms which you have not yet perceived.

We have spoken in the past that awakening is like opening a door for a cat who has been imprisoned in their finite reality, and they sit looking out at the world in front of them in wonderment and feel fulfilled. Yet the message of the open door of spiritual awareness is not to sit there in wonderment and amazement but to pass through it.

Your reality is expanding. Your very identity is changing.

Become consciously aware of it, but do not allow it to become a distraction from your destination which is to pass through the door, to walk out into the new world, to be free, to be expansive. Do not intellectualize this process that is occurring in humanity’s evolution, but rather allow yourself to ride the crest of energy that will, by its very nature, carry you into the next dimension.

This evolutionary process of humanity is a holistic experience encompassing all aspects and energies of humanity’s existence. It is a subtle resistance, perhaps not even known to the conscious level of the mind, when one objectifies the spiritual awakening. It is a subtle resistance when one intellectualizes the spiritual process rather than immersing themselves in the waters of awakening.

Even paradise can seem fearful when one is afraid of losing themselves.

In reality, this evolutionary moment in humanity’s existence is bringing one back to the truth of who they are and where they truly dwell.

Be open. Be willing. All will be made known to you.