The Energetic Pattern of Convergence Consciousness

At the very heart of creation is the energetic signature of the potentiality created by the consciousness of All That Is. Each and every creation—be it the power of light, the focus of thought, the butterfly that flutters or the great whale that glides silently in the sea—each has its unique signature of energy. That energetic signature is created by consciousness defining its intent. The consciousness that created all things did not cherry pick those things that were to exist. Rather consciousness initiated a creative force capable of changing, evolving and being self-sustaining.

At the moment of existence God did not abandon what was created—but became it.

The evolutionary process of the universe is the evolution of God into physical being. The energetic signature is determined by conscious intent and, in this case, the conscious intent of the creator—and because you are participants in that energy, you have become co-creators with the source of All That Is. What does the creator know that you are in the process of discovering? The answer is an understanding and respect for the power of pure conscious thought, unfiltered and undistracted, upon the fabric of creation. Your thoughts weave the energetic pattern in your existence. The degree that you are capable of shifting your world or creating universes is in direct proportion to the degree you accept and participate in universal consciousness, or in your vernacular, God.

Consciousness creates and so do you.

As a physical being, you are a conduit and a chalice for the consciousness that created you. To move into an unlimited and infinite expression, you must disrobe yourself of your ego identity. The energetic source of All That Is is the raw materials available to create what you desire. Your thoughts weave the pattern upon the fabric of life. Chaos and confusion are born from those who are unwilling or unable to be attuned and respectful of the creative force they wield.

As humanity rests on the cusp of a new age, your thoughts become exaggerated and manifest more quickly.

For those unprepared, it can be much like over steering a car, and what does over steering create but generally more over steering, and the possibility and potential for disaster. The creative force you wield is not to be feared but respected and is best utilized from a place of stillness in the chaos and confusion of your world. Your focus is the anchor; your stillness is the strength to avoid over steering. The creative energy of the universe is always constant and unwavering. The most secure, powerful and loving place in all of creation is in consciousness. You attract or repel what you do or do not desire by your thoughts. Your thoughts are the weaver’s hands upon the loom of creation. The threads you utilize are the energetic strands of consciousness emanating from the source of All That Is.

convergenceYou are masters, not manipulators, of your creation.

In that creative force, you create the opportunity and ability to manifest paradise on earth. Again, do not identify yourself with your ego consciousness for that steals away your power and keeps you a prisoner. Your physical expression, your body and your identity are a vehicle for you to be able to fully interact with creation, as well as being the chalice for the consciousness that has created it.

There is an overwhelming presence infusing itself into the very fabric of your world, welling up within your physical being to overflow into a new expression of who you are. A dynamic convergence, a grander step than has ever been taken before in this universe–the light that bore you becomes the light within you—and your world will never be in darkness again.