Confusion is created when consciousness loses sight of its focus. Confusion is not created out of consciousness; confusion is created out of the lack of it. In consciousness there is clarity and insight.

So what should an individual do when they are experiencing confusion? Though a seemingly complex dilemma, the answer is quite simple: if in fact wisdom is born from consciousness and consciousness is always clear, then one must look at the obstacles they placed in their path to clarity.

Confusion is born from resistance, and from that resistance comes imbalance, and from that imbalance comes a misunderstood understanding of what the option, the possibilities or the potential of an event or action will be.

Therefore, if confusion is experienced, identify the resistance to the possibility of clarity. What is the threat? Or the fear that blinds one from seeing? From comprehending what it is they wish to know.

Confusion is comprehension gone blind. Comprehension goes blind when one intentionally, though not always consciously, refuses to allow the light of wisdom to be expressed fully. And therefore, clarity must be that willingness to allow the light of wisdom to be expressed.

confusionConfusion and its resistance if often created by preconceived ideas and notions of what something should be.

So it is invaluable in your pursuit of clarity to remain in the present, to allow yourself to see what is being presented. There need be no fear there; for, one can choose or not choose to do a thing. At least give yourself the opportunity to see, to experience, to understand what is being presented.

The universe, the creator or the source, whatever you wish to call it, will always provide you adequate information to guide you. It will never hold back. It will never make you guess. It may not always give you the answers but will always provide the path for you to find those answers yourself.

So remember, if you are experiencing confusion, identify and release your resistance.

Be open to the light of truth that comes from wisdom unfettered by mental filters. Therein lies the secret to eliminate confusion from one’s life.