It is insightful to understand that the filters that distort perfect perception of the mind of God are thoughts. The mind of God is thoughtless–meaning the One Mind projects perfect perception. The conscious mind is the receiver and transmitter of this projection of All That Is. The mind’s sole purpose, in truth, is to comprehend that which is perfectly projected.

In order for that to occur one’s reality must be objectified in order to observe it. It is this point of observation that is the seed of individuality. In order to observe anything you must be able to step back from it, that is the trinity of consciousness. That is why the analogy of the trinity–the thought the Father, the thought the Son, and their manifestation is Spirit—is used. Philosophers have stated, humanity has the ability to know that it knows. The true reuniting of these elements of consciousness comes when one realizes that the observer is also the one being observed. It is in that dynamic that the creator and the creation are one.

filtersThe illusion is that when you give up the concept of individuality you are losing something, giving up something, when in reality individuality is simply a point of observation. “You are” is a point of observation in the mind of God. Because you are the observer and your thoughts are filters you can distort the perfect perception creating that which is not in the mind of God. Darkness is the perfect projection of God blocked out by thought. Negativity is a cloak covering the awareness of the perfect projection. The negative ego consciousness sees itself as the source, and rebels and fights against the perfect projection of the mind of God. It seeks to control and create its own reality by placing filters of thought because perfection in its mind is not good enough.

The filters are only maintained when they are nurtured and cared for, a miracle is when those filters are forgotten and the perfect awareness is projection. All creation is a dance of consciousness from all potential thought to the manifestation of that thought to the observation of it. That is why there is a trinity of consciousness and the concept of God. It has to do with how consciousness works and there has to be a source from which you can draw forth thought, a point of observation in which to witness its manifestation. That is why divinity is an expression of self awareness.