One of the more famous playwrights spoke of life as a play in which the actor appears for a brief time upon the stage, acting out their part and playing their role in the story.

Life is not quite that simple or bleak; yet, this analogy can be used to assist you to understand that your physical existence is a purposeful and intentional character in the play of creation.

The playwright, the consciousness of All That Is, scripted humanity’s role; yet, you can choose to interpret it as a drama, a comedy, a tragedy, an allegory or a farce.

Your intentional existence does not mean you do not have choice, and you are not predestined to act out a certain role. Rather, you are placed upon the stage of life to create your own story and participate in the stories of others.

To continue the analogy, if life is but a play and you are an actor in it, who is the audience?

You might think it to be others in your life or perhaps God. Truth is you are your own observer. A play is written for entertainment, learning, perhaps an exposé on a provocative topic, or simply a slice of life. Whatever the play and whatever the purpose, your inner audience observes, understands and responds to your actions and behaviors while on the stage.

Perhaps your inner audience could be compared more to the fans at one of your athletic games, cheering on, giving instruction; and though fans may disapprove, your inner audience is always there to support you. That inner audience is all aspects and lives of your self responding to each other. If you upon the stage of life would but listen to the audience that observes you, you would find guidance, encouragement and instruction on how to best play your part. Life is not a futility of actions but an accumulation of wisdom, understanding and insight.

The theater in which you play is the universe. The playwright, the actor and the audience are yourself. You are not alone under the lights—you are the light. The audience in darkness—is just unknown to you. The script within your hand is penned by you.

Do not become so consumed in the character you play in life that you forget the other aspects of your self, the playwright and the audience.

For you exist here to enjoy, entertain and learn. You are the expression of your own self for the purpose of acting out different scenarios that you might understand them, master them and transform them.

The actor, the playwright and the audience, all are equally important. Without anyone of them, there would be no play, no expression of creation’s consciousness upon the physical plane of existence.

Thus is the purpose and the privilege of being an actor upon the stage of human existence. Play your part well, understand the message the playwright wishes to convey and listen to your inner audience’s guidance—and you will be a star in your own life