Be open, willing, attuned and attentive and you will harness a great force and power in your life that overcomes obstacles, defeats adversaries and soothes the pursuit of the path of your soul. Everything you do, dedicate to the path of your soul, no matter how seemingly trivial. There are no saviors in the universe, there need be none, other than the savior of your own consciousness and its willingness to participate in the path of your soul.

There is no greater power given unto a solitary soul than when it is willing, able and ready to return to the universe, the source, the godhead, the gifts that it promised to bring.

Nothing can stand in the way of the earnest desire and dedication to bring creation back to the source. The cycle of Consciousness, the ever-expanding spiral of awareness is a force greater than that which fuels the universe in its movement through creation. When one humbly, reverently and earnestly is desirous to be a participant in the ascent of Consciousness, where the creation returns to the creator, there is no force in all of existence, including the source itself, that can hinder you from the mind of God.

Be of great faith, great hope and allow your tears of sadness to be turned to tears of joy, knowing that nothing can stand in the way of the pursuit of the path of your soul, not even you, when you are willing.

There is an emergence of energy. There is an awareness in Consciousness.

There is a tear in the path of your soulveil and a crack in the glass ceiling of Consciousness. You can change worlds. You can change realities and, more importantly, you can change yourself.

Be intentional. Be purposeful. Be playful. And allow yourself to see that which you need to see, that which will empower you in the days ahead, that which will let you know that all that you have believed, all that you have hoped for, all that you have desired can be true and is true. Your mind created that which you experienced and your mind can un-create it. Celebrate the power of this moment, this day, this awareness. And come to this place new for the very first time.