When you are in transition, it is valuable to acknowledge the foundation of the past which has brought you to the present. Allowing you to understand what is expressing in your current reality is the culmination, the manifestation of that which you have created. It is important in human terms to honor the chapters of one’s life, be it the change of locale, a change of a job, the absence of a loved friend or family member. You make the past sacred, you transform it by acknowledging its existence in the history of your life’s expression. You neither have to hide from the past or fear the future, for the power is here and now, and in that power is the transformation of your reality.

Do not go blindly through the chapters of your life. You do not need blinders to hinder you. Honor all that you have experienced.

There are no good days or bad days, no good years or not good years in universal terms, all are blessed. We understand that life is not always pleasant and the circumstances one creates in their life can be non-beneficial. Yet, when one acknowledges what they have created, they are free to transform it by the power of the recognition of the ability to create all things in their life. This gives them the ability to change and choose the reality in which they dwell.

We understand that change can be fearful. We understand that change can create a feeling of loss. We understand that the future can be frightening when one perceives it to be unknown. When one is in transition, when one changes their focus of change from what was to what will be they bring joy into their life; for, they are closer to what they wish to create. Honor each thing, each event, each person who has blessed your life, be they adversary or advocate–and they become a building block upon the spiral stairs that leads you to the consciousness of God.

Bless change for the universe is always changing. Bless the movements of your life for thought is never stagnant.

Bow to the west and relinquish that which has served its purpose and turn and lift your arms to the east to welcome a new day in your life–and that, too, shall pass through the heavens of your experiences. And a day will come when you will relinquish it too to the setting sun. This is the cycle and the spiral.

There is an illusion, a misperception, that eternity and infinity are unchangeable. You are blessed because your lives are in the process of change, for so is the universe. In the myopic perception of human observation that causes the physical elements of the universe to seem eternal and unchangeable. But in the perception of All That Is it is but a fleeting moment in the thoughtful experience of creation.

Movement, change is a celebration of the ability to create.

So honor your sorrow in the midst of change. Acknowledge the gifts that have been given and return that which you perceive as loss to the hands of All That Is, so that it may be returned to you in the rising of a new day.