The universe is a dance of interaction and assistance. One grand organism. Universal Consciousness is not some abstract concept; it is real and vibrant. For where there is existence there is Consciousness, and where there is Consciousness there must be existence. This is a difficult concept that we are about to give, for when one looks beyond the boundaries of creation, what was or wasn’t there the moment before the creative process of this universe began?

The key, the elemental truth is that there is no such thing as nothing.

Nothing does not exist, for there to be nothing, for that in and of itself is a point of existence. It’s a state of beingness. There always has been, there always will be existence. For when Consciousness became self-cognitive it brushed away the void like turning on a light in a darkened room. Nothing was brushed away by the light of existence.

We have spoken to you of physicality. We have spoken to you of beingness. We have spoken to you of Consciousness and how physicality pursued the potentiality of All That Is through the universe to merge with it to create beingness. Existence is the primordial ooze of the Consciousness of the universe just as there was a boiling, steaming brew in the physical universe that created light and life.

For there to be Consciousness there must be existence and where there is existence there must be Consciousness.

existenceConsciousness has no value if it does not reflect off of existence. Just as the majestic light of your sun has no value if it does not have the planets to reflect its light, existence is the venue upon which Consciousness expresses itself. Creation exists in order that Consciousness might be expressed. You cannot find that which was before creation because it has been cast aside by the light of Consciousness. It does not exist. There are no boundaries, no limitations to the expression of Consciousness in existence. Your scientists speak of the Big Bang and for your universe it is, indeed, quite an event but do not lose perspective that there have been and will be many more moments of conscious creation. If you were to look upon All That Is in all the universes being created, it would look like twinkling stars in the night sky.

You have always existed. The degree of Consciousness that you wish to express is determined by your willingness to be a reflection of the perfect Consciousness.

That is the challenge and the gift of the new age of awareness, one of a deeper understanding of the importance of one’s existence as an expression of Consciousness which is the mind of God. This is the age of expression. This is the age when existence makes manifest the Consciousness, which it came to reflect.

existenceIn further discussions we will explore how one can make themselves an effective reflection of Consciousness. But let us leave you with this analogy; just as in the physical plane of existence if a thing absorbs all the light unto itself, and in this case light is analogous to Consciousness, there is darkness. But when the thing reflects the light of Consciousness that it receives it can be seen. Become the perfect, loving vehicle of physical existence that reflects the pure, white light of consciousness.

That, beloved souls of light, is the invitation, the opportunity and the gift. Celebrate your existence; the I AM, which encompasses both consciousness and its reflection. For all is becoming wonderfully well in your world.