The Coming of Age of humanity’s evolution into the conscious awareness of their origins and destiny is quickly approaching. Throughout history the prophecies have indicated virtually catastrophic events to mark these shifts in consciousness. Divinity and consciousness have never been and never will be heralded by disaster, chaos, confusion or calamity. It is the human response to these inner urges to shift and a stubborn resistance to be willing to change.

The change of the age is like the gentle winds upon the water, the subtle fragrance of a flower’s bloom upon the air. The age is heralded in on the whispers of a dawn and the willingness of those upon the planet to respond.

The change in the ages, the shifts in consciousness is the normal evolutionary process of growth upon this planet.

You observe a child from birth to adulthood constantly changing, constantly shifting, continually growing yet fear, anger and confusion comes from the child’s response to these change, not the process in and of itself.

Why would the universe create a process of catastrophe to create change? The chaos of creation when dealt with in a willingness to participate and an understanding of its purpose can be met with peace, harmony and balance.

It is important for humanity, as this shift in consciousness occurs to understand, to really comprehend and accept that this natural evolutionary process can be smooth and peaceful, joyful and magical. How one approaches change, how one responds to the need to grow, how willing one is to let go of preconceived ideas and notions, and one’s understanding that the paradigms of existence are like sand castles upon the sea shore.

Change is an inevitable process. More important, it should be a welcome process; for not to change is more painful and more perilous than what one fears in any shift.

Coming of AgeWhat does one do? How does one prepare for the changing of the age? Evaluate, take inventory of your willingness to grow, your willingness to release, and your willingness to be open to that which is not yet known. That is the hallmark of a safe journey though the winds of change and the waves upon the sea of life’s experiences.

Welcome the changing of the age as one might welcome the sun rising from the eastern sea. The light of a new dawn is already glowing and shedding its light upon your world. And like any dawn, the darkness is pushed back and your reality is revealed and its light shows you what is present.

So it is with the change of the age. Humanity has become comfortable in the dimly lit rooms of its consciousness and now the curtains are being pulled aside, the windows are being opened, the doors left ajar and the reality which you once perceived, the one you were so confident you fully knew and understood will become but a fragment to the depth and the detail of the world in which you live.

Though it is an analogy used before, if taken in the light of what we have just spoken it will give you insight and understanding into the physical, emotional and spiritual effects of the shift of the change of the age upon human existence. The analogy is: the light is made brighter, details are better seen, darkness becomes nonexistent, and, as a result, more informed decisions can be made in one’s life. More tools are available for one to achieve their goals. The pathways are made clearer and confusion, fear and doubt become a distant memory of a darkened day before the dawn.

With that said, will there be evident physical indications of a shift in consciousness?

Indeed, the clash in consciousness that is growing between the members of humanity is and will continue to create strife, confusion, and fear. The planet will rebel because of environmental injuries upon the planet that coincide with the natural planetary evolution. Not every earth change is created by consciousness but the combination of the earth’s adjustment and response to the change of the age in combination with humanity’s abuse and neglect of the planet will cause catastrophic events to occur.

It has been said, in fact we have spoken of it and you have written of it, of an evacuation. Your holy writings speak of a rapture. The ancient books speak of the seventh heaven and so shall it come to pass. Is the “saving event” for the “believers” an actual, physical occurrence? Or is it perhaps a spiritual state of being? Or both? Each to their own order and their own needs and desires.

Consciousness is the key. Consciousness is the sanctuary. Is rapture a noun or a verb? And is the same true with ascension? Or perhaps both?

We do not tease you. We want you to stop and think. We want you to consider how you wish to experience this changing of the age. Humanity is always planning and scheduling. One will consider how to spend a holiday or perhaps celebrate a birthday. Why would one not consider how they Coming of Agewould experience a shift? A shift in consciousness, a shift in energy?

The Hopis and the Mayans spoke and wrote of the end of the age. They had no need to write further. In reality, they couldn’t for the next phase of human existence is to be written by the conscious awareness of humanity today.

Will the earth shake? The stars fall from the heavens? The oceans break out of their barriers? In 2012, we think not.

But that moment, the winter solstice is the point of critical mass in which there will be greater light than darkness. It is both a reality and it is a symbol that this is the date representing and, in reality, declaring the change of the age. It is an eternal dawn for it will never be darker again than it is at this moment in time.

The human evolutionary process has reached a critical point of consciousness in which the light must shine as All That Is has created returns to all that created it.

Don’t wait for the solstice of 2012 to see what is going on around you. For even as the light shines before the rising of the sun, so it is with your consciousness. You are looking around you, you are casting off the darkness, you are looking at your greatest fears. Look to the light rising in the eastern horizon of your awareness and behold a new day. When afraid, hopeless, despairing, go to the light. Look to the light of consciousness and you will see your lives. You will see your world in greater clarity and understanding, and you will find the tools, the materials and the wisdom to create your paradise.

Just as the dawn approaches, the light seems to more quickly fill the sky. So it is with this conscious awareness.

Every day, every hour, every moment, and every second from the instant of the winter solstice of 2012 there will be more light. Those who are unwilling to participate will find the world an unwelcoming place for darkness cannot dwell where there is light and those who wish to live in darkness, those who battle against it will extinguish their own physical existence upon this plane of existence. Not out of punishment but out of necessity. For existence is holographic and the dimension and the age in which you dwell are like the waves upon the sea, always traveling and moving. Do you wish to be stationery or do you wish to move with it? The choice is yours.

It have been our desire and our attempt to give you greater understanding of that which is occurring to your delight, your promise and to your paradise. For we are the One Mind and the One Thought and we are present in this dimensional change.