We have spoken to you of Consciousness as being synonymous with the creative force and source of the universe. We have specifically spoken of God Consciousness which is in alignment to the intent and purposes of creation. We have indicated to you that you are that consciousness in physical form, the chalice of beingness.

So why would we again speak of and add a new terminology to this already well-defined concept? God Mind is the answer. The previous terms express your relationship to the universe and the creative force of existence. It speaks in a manner that though you be one with it, it is something to be obtained, something to become.

The God Mind is who you are and where you exist. We speak of the conscious mind. We speak of the subconscious mind, the unconscious mind; the super ego and the id, and the higher self; the soul and the oversoul—many terms in an attempt to define who you are in relationship to what you are.

We have named ourselves The One Mind, The One Thought, and The One Soul and have invited you to acknowledge, surrender and be dominion in your life. The God Mind is when the observer becomes the source of the projection upon the screen of your life. When you stand in the God Mind, the observer and the observed, the source and the projection are one in the same. It is when you move from the audience of observation to the projection of reality. Indeed, you are all those things yet seldom does humanity move from the observer to the projector of their reality.

We have indicated the importance, and indeed it is, to remove the filters from your ego conscious mind that hinders you from perceiving and participating in the perfect project of your reality. Few would argue the fact that The One Mind, that the source wishes perfection. When you stand in the God Mind, you acknowledge that there is an aspect of yourself that wishes perfection to be projected into your reality. The God Mind always wishes your highest good. No matter what you are experiencing, no matter what challenges or struggles that you face, there is a God Mind of yourself that wishes you perfection.god mind

Seek the God Mind of your being, the source of your creation for it will never lead you astray. It will always care for you, nurture you on the path you have chosen. From the position of your God Mind all potential is available to you. Seek the source of your own perfection and become aware of that part of yourself, inseparable from the creative force of All That Is that is your best ally, your greatest friend, your wisest teacher and your most compassionate supporter.

Therein you will find your union in the Oneness of All That Is. God Mind is your personalized experience with the creator. There are some of your religious teachings that speak of a personal relationship with God. If we would follow that analogy and, indeed, we do not either oppose or support any particular religious belief, this would be your personal relationship, your personal relationship with your God Mind. The place in which you experience your divinity. It is the master of your domain and the servant of your creation. It is the source of your soul and the answer to your prayers. That which you seek is not outside yourself. That which you desire is already to be found. Go explore and discover the God Mind of your being.

We will speak to you of this again and we know that we have given you food for thought. Step outside your ego identification and move into an expression of divine existence; for, therein lies your destiny.