The greatest gift you can offer another is the awareness that they are loved, not because they are perfect, but because they exist. Therein lies the secret and the ointment for an ailing heart.

There is no greater security than the awareness and the beauty that the universe takes care of all its children.

Chaos, the tribulation, is not created from evil, it is created from goodness and truth revealing itself. It is humanity’s reaction to the truth that creates evil in response to it.

Technology without understanding and wisdom – or wisdom and understanding without technology – is like a one-legged man without a crutch. He can wiggle and squirm but fails to reach his goal out of exhaustion.

Truth begets technology, not technology the truth.

Be the creator that you are. Be the presence and the representative of All that Is in your world for your fire and your light is ignited from the sacred flame of creation and it burns most brightly. Be the love of the creator for its creation and the creature for the creator.

The container can belie the contents, but pure contents will never belie the container.


Use finance as a vehicle; finance will never make you prosperous or abundant. It is simply a means, a translation of abundance into a usable form in this plane of existence.

You will never be prosperous or abundant as long as your focus is finance – for it is a ruthless master.

Abundance is to money as life is to the body – it is just a vehicle.

Finance reflects directly the aspects of yourself; it has no ability to define itself.

Don’t create finance, create abundance. Go about your business in stewardship, not in criticism of yourself, for there is no limit.

Good stewardship allows you to receive 100% of that which is given to you.

Being responsible, accountable and in balance allows you to hold the most, creates the greatest vessel and it makes your vessel a cup rather than a sieve.

The Eternal Self

There is an impregnable, inconquerable, all-powerful point of existence within each individual that no evil can destroy, no neglectfulness can diminish. It remains vigilant, it is a lamp and a guard at the gate of the truth of your existence. Beyond the personality, beyond the heartache and pain is a light.

God and Love

Do you now understand when God is referred to as love?

God is to love as the breeze upon your face when the wind blows.

God, as love, is the wake upon the water of human reality.

God, before there was love, was.

God, as love, is like light reflected off an object.

Go the step further, go beyond the love into the Presence.

From the Universe with Love

We wish for you as you step beyond the illusion of individuality to be embraced by a universe of love. All creation is in harmony and support of itself, a vast community of existence that spans from the simplest grain of sand on the Atlantean seashore to the farthest star in the northern sky.

Love as a Bond and Value

Love is the energetic bond of the individual aspects to the whole. To the degree that you love is the degree to which in the next realm you will be connected. That is why there is value in loving your enemies and wishing them well. For every being in the universe is a potential comrade and friend.