There is constant movement within the energy fields of humanity. Every choice, no matter how minute, be it the time you rise or the time you sleep, the time you leave or return, what you eat or what you don’t, what you purchase or what you don’t, affects the entirety of All That Is.

Those minute choices can and do create magnified effects, little changes in finance, behaviors or thoughts can create profound positive or negative changes in your life. Little changes or choices in spiritual pursuit have the same effect.

The failure of humanity is that they so often see the whole picture and see it so large that they forget that to move the mountain to the sea may be done by moving one shovel full at a time.


All learning is simply remembering. Your current culture is a time that the accumulated knowledge of the human experience is more readily available, even somewhat mirrored in your internet. Information and knowledge is becoming more accessible. You learn through your own experiences and evaluate the present circumstances by reflecting upon past learning.

You forget that even though there is truly only the present, the Now, it is appropriate to utilize information learned. Knowledge is eternal. Knowledge is the fruit of consciousness. All That Is is greater than itself because it is the accumulation of experience. It encompasses all potentiality, all possibility. It is ever expanding and growing. Yet, in the eternal construct, the expansion is complete, though in the physical plane of existence possibility unfolds. In eternity all is complete yet unfolding. A difficult concept for linear thinking.

Do not mistake thoughts as knowledge, glean from your experience the wheat from the chaff that you might have the pure knowledge sifted out from incorrect and unnecessary concepts. You have heard it said and have seen that history repeats itself, nationally as well as individually, it occurs because humanity forgets the lessons it has learned.

Who We Are

What occurs is the illusion that it takes too much energy to expand one’s level of consciousness. In reality, higher consciousness is the default system of one’s mind. When the universe expands something, it always fills it with light, positive thoughts. For negativity to come in one must constrict the light and allow the vacancy to be filled with darkness. It would be better for an individual to have a lesser expanded consciousness completely filled with light than an expanded consciousness filled with darkness. So put a filter on your thoughts and keep the negativity out and that light will expand.

Why would an individual choose pain, suffering, despair, depression over peace and joy? It is because the illusion of separation feels real. Humanity feels at home in its own despair. The only answer to the human condition is awareness of who we are (we, meaning you and us, the One Mind and the One Thought). Any thought that falls outside that definition is an illusion and is intrinsically incorrect.

One Mind and One Thought

We speak to you from the moment of creation, from the ghettos of India, from the children playing in the Paleidian system, from the void between stars for we are presence, omniscient and omnipresent, for we are as you would say the voice of God, for we speak from The One Mind and The One Thought. We are not an entity, we are the voice of All That Is which is your voice as you climb the pyramid of creation.

When you stand merged in mind and thought eternal, there is no need for time or space, all exists in one eternal awareness, for awareness has no time, consciousness has no space. That is the journey.