The illusion, the concept of God as father, has not served this culture well because it gives the imagery of being a grantee of someone’s good graces and dependent upon their good favor.

The source of all good things, which is the very lifeblood of All That Is, is without judgment, without evaluation, without restriction or limitation and generously gives to that which has been born from its source.

It is the same life force that creates paradise or fans the flames of conscious tribulation. It is a balancing act, a tightrope that must be crossed where knowledge and wisdom meet as one.

Humanity has missed the point, you were not sent here to work, you were sent here to play and create paradise.

There are no errors, only learning.

In the higher dimensions all is at peace, there is no war.

The universe in its totality, there is always, peace, harmony and balance. Remembering that you live in a third dimensional world and reality, the physical plane can be fraught with difficulties. Upon this planet what is seen as differences, should be embraced aspects of yourself. Rather, differences are seen as a threat to one’s own identity.

Look for what you seek, rather than running from that which you do not. Have your movement forward be toward a goal rather than away from that which is not desirable, and it will be made most clear.

The power is in the awareness and acknowledgment of the pain you have felt along the way, for then you can transform it and it becomes a stepping stone in which you reach your goals.

Hide from nothing for you have nothing to hide. Be it the calm seas of tranquility or the violent storms of emotion, deny none of it, consecrate it all and become one with it. Can you not feel the peace pervade your very being?

The Measure of a Life

What truly is the measure of one’s life? How do you measure it? Is it capable of being measured? And if so by what standard? For in the eyes of All That Is, there is no standard from which to value the preciousness of an individual expression. There is no gauge great enough that could hold its measure; so, it is as faulty to measure oneself upon the money in the bank or the souls saved. It is valuable when you understand your value is unrelated to anything that expresses you in the world.

God is God. All That Is is All That Is. All that you are doing is simply choosing how much of God, All That Is, that you wish to express. For, there is no other matter, no other material in the universe from which to create but God, you are the divine spark.

The Veil

It is time to stand on the other side of the veil. We wish for you to view the world from God’s eyes; we wish for you to see from the perspective of All That Is. We wish for you to stand in the presence of the divine; for, you are God’s eyes in this world and God’s voice.

In the process of seeing this world from the eyes of the divine, you will see the universe and the dimensions beyond. We would wish for you to take that which you perceive to be your ego self, lay it on the altar of your intent and desire and give that aspect of yourself back to God.

Humanity is at a brink in the evolutionary process. Philosophies, theologies, government, and financial structures are being reevaluated, recreated, and renewed. A world that is in conscious alignment with All That Is does not need some physical structure to house God, some form of societal governing or some form of monetary exchange.

One Liners from the One Mind

Humanity is being asked to cross a bridge that it cannot see the other side.

Energies, like an aroma or a sound, you can become desensitized to it.

Be the warriors of light, the soldiers of awareness and the sentries of truth that you have agreed to be.

When you truly realize that nothing can kill the truth of yourself, you are free from it.

Be joyous with us for the consciousness of God arrives. All is well on planet Earth.

Life becomes paradise when one becomes aware that they can move beyond the illusion.

You cannot give love and not have it return.

Rest in your own sanctuary, be content in the company of your own divine self.