Humanity has mutilated the concept of divinity by personifying it. Promoting the illusion of a divine being outside of yourself and in control of your reality. For most of humanity, God is seen as a controlling force to which one has no recourse, one that cannot be escaped, and who manipulates humanity like pawns upon the playing board of the third dimension. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The objectification and personification of God is an aberrance of the truth, and the reality of what you perceive to be divine.

The universe is governed and guided by an intelligent energy referred to as God. In reality, God is all encompassing. Divinity is the definition of all existence. God cannot be localized, cannot be compartmentalized. To experience God is to be immersed in the creative force and intelligence of the universe. You do not need to go anywhere to find the Divine. Everything is brought forth by divine impetus, energy and thought in a creative process. Divinity is a force that merges and expands into all creation.

What occurs is humanity is so intent on discovering, defining and locating the concept of God, they forget–or ignore, or are blind to–the reality that they rub shoulders with the divine everyday.

Jesus, the man, did not need to go anywhere to express his divinity; he simply needed to be open and receptive to its presence. Divinity is something you are immersed in. It does not need to be obtained or earned, nor can be taken away from you. Divinity, no matter what your perception of God may be, is always available and accessible–even in what seems to be the darkest of your moments, the bleakest of your days–Divinity reigns true. Divinity is the source from which all is born and called into manifestation.

divinityIf God be the source, who are you then since you are the one that defines how that energy shall express? What would happen if you weren’t here? Weren’t defining? And who defined the planets, stars and animals? Would they cease to exist? Would they never exist at all if you failed to recall their existence?

If the divine concept is the source, is it also a creator? Or is humanity, or consciousness, the creator and pulls from the storehouse of divinity?