Let us speak of the universe.

Often the universe is referred to in general conversation, particularly by those of newer thought. It is spoken of as an entity. It is spoken of as a parallel name for God. The word is volleyed around. It is utilized in varying contexts.

What is the correlation of All That Is and the Universe?

Is it one and the same. Is it a physical place? Is it a conscious dimension? Does it remain the same? Is it different? Is your universe the same as another person’s universe? Is there more than one? If so, how many? If there is only one, then whose is it? If everything that you experience is a reflection of yourself, what part does the universe represent?

Time, or the concept of it in memoriam, has recorded the slow evolutionary process of the universe’s growth and development. Your book, Ships of Song, speaks often of a loving universe.

What does the definition of uni-verse mean? What is a verse? A verse is a containment of something, a verse of scripture, a verse of a song, or a poem. It may be a verb as one is competent. It is a containment. It is a definition of measurement. Therefore, the universe is the measurement of the one containment. The universe is the measure that contains All That Is.

So all that you see, all that you hear of, that which is unknown, all that is contained is the universe–the one measure, the one containment of All That Is.

The universe is the physical manifestation of everything. Is it God? Is it not God? Is it physical? Is it non-physical? Is the universe merely debris floating in an endless field of space; yet, what hand guides the stars?

What mind has set the clockwork? Who declared order in the midst of cosmic, creative consciousness?

So how do we determine what this universe is? It is indicated there was and is a beginning to the universe as we know it; and the universe is in constant flux.

Let us return in time to the moment of creation, to when All That Is first formed into existence.

And there was the big bang and as Elizabeth stood and watched a billion times a billion times a billion of herself dispersing, what was that single cause born of thought? And if this is the physical expression of All That Is, why does it appear this way?

Let us first speak of the attributes of All That Is as reflected in the universe. There is order. There is attraction. There is interdependency and expansion. Those four qualities are the cornerstones of All That Is and signposts within the physical creation of the universe. Let us review those again.

There is order, attraction, interdependency and expansion.

Therefore, anything you do, anything you are is in the greatest harmony with the universe when those four qualities are in play.
— How often does one deny order in one’s life?
— How often does one deny the unspoken attraction of like that propels one to their own greatest expression?
— How often does one deny their interdependency with All That Is because no thing can stand alone.
— And how often does one deny the natural expansive qualities of their lives, actions or deeds.

This is the personality of the universe and any individual, yourselves or others, are in the greatest alignment, shall we say the breathing, living universe that which contains the one.

And the expression of the one is order, attraction, interdependency and expansion.universe

How does this relate, or does it, to the moment of creation? What was before creation?

If there was a beginning, must there be an end? What is the primordial urge before creation. You see, beloved souls, creation is seen as a beginning and, indeed, it was the beginning of the container which held the one. Creation was not, in truth, a beginning–it was a metamorphosis. When there was only one consciousness, yes, there is only one; when consciousness was not individualized, it did not need to be contained.

What lies beyond the curtain of time and space? There cannot be a beginning to your soul, to your individual expression without there being an end, but that is not the case for those who choose the oneness. What was here before there was a universe? Was there ever nothing? What lies beyond the outer edges of the Universe or are there no outer edges? Who is the source? What is our relationship?

We will strive to take you through that veil. But let us return for a moment to the Universe. If there was a moment of creation, there must then be a moment of completion. Why would All That Is, why would the one that you call God express in this form? There is a great fault in the teachings of religion: God did not create the heavens and the earth, God is the heavens and the earth. If the source of All That Is desired to show himself itself, if All That Is wished to create a container that contained the one, how would it be decorated? What was its attributes and qualities? The four cornerstones of the universe: order, attraction, interdependence and expansion is the form of love. Love has all those qualities.

It is said that God is love, rather love is the evidence of God.

So, indeed, where there is love, there is God. Try for just a moment in time and think of one moment of time that does not contain those four qualities.

We have now given you the four arc energies, the four archangels of creation. How in your drawings, writings, speaking, do you and can you express these energies?

So the universe, the container, was created by All That Is to contain itself and have its attributes and qualities. In other words, you can tell who lives in a house by observing the environment. If you never knew what a human being looked like, you could observe a host like this and start to surmise height, dexterity, etc. You observe the paintings on the wall, the books, the music and you could begin to get a sense of who they are.

The universe is God’s house. It is the signature of existence.

You will find it interesting and appropriate to explore visuals that offer order, attraction, interdependency and expansion. They are consciousnesses, collectively they create wisdom. Think of someone you know as wise or think of a wise choice, wisdom is the appropriate balance of those four qualities of the universe. Do you understand?

So let us go back to the beginning, if there was one.

Yes, indeed, materialistically the universe can be traced and measured. We would hope you look at the Universe as a metamorphosis and expansion of God rather than God standing over there and creating something over there. It is the difference between creating a house and being a house. What was a house before it was built? And why did it choose to become a house? What occurred in consciousness that would create such an energetic transformation and become a catalyst that will lead to even greater things? Is it possible that the universe may simply be the adolescent expression of an ever-expanding God? They say that all the mass of the universe began from a single point and, indeed, there is a point zero. They speak of an object no larger than a baseball or a marble as being the fodder for new galaxies and new worlds. Did that point contain everything or was it such that it contained the ability to create everything. The scientists often in amazement wonder how this minute object could create all these worlds. We believe they missed the point.

Is that point of conception of this creation any different from the conception of a child? The egg does not contain all the materials needed for birth, it contains the potential and the ability to expand.

So what was that conception that metamorphosed? Who conceived it? And if that point was an expression of the universe that contained all, in that point, it needed order, attraction, interdependency and expansion–and each of those occurred in your universe, your physical universe.universe

Was all the energy needed for creation contained in that single point or was it fed from elsewhere? If the universe is the physical manifestation of God, was there a source outside Creation that conceived it? Is it that scientists see it from that point and they see no outside influences and determine that all was contained in that point? Or is it that they are unable to see what is feeding that source? They saw the universe from that point of the expansion going out, rather than every part of the universe as the origin. The Big Bang needed everything it created to explode.

The galaxies feed the initial cause as much as the initial cause feeds them. For when there is perfect balance in order, attraction, interdependency and expansion, the creator and the creation are one.

For to the degree and the force the universe exploded into the universe we are less aware of the order, the attraction, the interdependency and expansion.

Why do we say all this? Why do we bother? Because of your book, the thoughts of these times are beginning to give God a new face, a new personality. You see, based upon those four cornerstones, God cannot be individualized, it cannot occur. Do you understand?

Out of that you enhance those four cornerstones with honor and respect for All That Is. The interaction between those four attributes is spirit. The more one denies those attributes, the less connected they are to the one consciousness and the less able to utilize what the universe has to offer.

Think about the success of your book, as you were willing to expand to share it, as you allowed the interdependency, order, attraction and expansion. We spoke of standing on the shoulders of others, it is the energy that pulses through the life book of the one being called the Universe.

We would hope that the next time you speak the word “universe”, you may understand it more fully. Think of any of creation, every organism is made up of multitude of individualized aspects creating the whole. And it is necessary for that organism to have that cell to survive, yet that cell cannot survive without the organism. Food for thought and a beginning of a new chapter in understanding, utilizing and participating in the universe.