What separates the thought from the manifestation is simply integration.

As we have spoken, you are not driven by your reality but by what is projected by your mind into your reality.

Your condemnation of others is simply judgement of yourself and the fear of your shortcomings. Be confident in yourself, focused on yourself.

The bite of the serpent can only sting you if you put your hand in its lair.

Now, these are some of the underlying reasons for challenges and processes in the journey to higher consciousness. To be fully and completely in the consciousness of God you must be fully conscious of all. It is that balance that creates paradise. If you have love in your heart, you have equal ability to hate. The key is where you put your focus.

You will always have equal light to the equal dark in your psyche. Do not be dismayed when you experience the negativity of darkness, just turn the light on.

God is the presence in existence, the harmonious song of All That Is dancing in beingness.

Consciousness seeks its own reward.

It is in the light, indeed, the light of innocence in the One Mind and the One Thought that the negativity is healed. There is no answer outside this.

Falsehood inflicts falsehood.

In the One Mind and the One Thought and in the One Soul there is no adversary. If you have an adversary, you are not in the One Mind. Do you see how this dovetails with scripture–why you would love your enemy because it is yourself.

Embrace your world, embrace your reality, scour its corners for things out of alignment and love and embrace them into the light. There is no lonliness here. There is no fear here. There is no darkness here. Send out your gatherers of abundance to you.

Embrace yourself.

Heaven is the awareness that everything is in harmony and balance and an expression of yourself. Send your legions out; you are the generals of your life and the masters of your destiny. If that is the truth of your world, if that is true of your life, where do you wish to send your troops to assist you?

The universe is a friendly place to be. Paradise is but a thought away. Though the world may be in turmoil and fear–and indeed, fear is rampant upon your planet–explore your dominioin, explore those areas unable to be touched by any outside force.

It is not a difficult process to remain in the One Mind and the One Thought, but it is a precarious position to not fall from. Continually it will take less and less energy to stay in the One Mind and the One Thought.