The fingerprint of consciousness in creation is held within the coding at the cellular level of your physical being. Scientists are well aware that they are just beginning to understand the potential and possibilities that this coding holds in understanding the interrelationship between the genes and DNA structure that creates your unique expression.

Scientists are striving to create the perfect human being.

There is truth to the evidence that certain genes and particular coding can have an affinity to create certain illnesses, physical attributes, and tendencies. Your DNA structure and genetic coding are much like the electronics in sophisticated equipment–just as the electronics of a fighter jet can be affected by the mood of its operator—so can your coding. The structure and coding of the DNA patterning and the genetic programming is very, very sensitive to the operator’s—or your—emotional and mental state. The unfortunate thing is that these aberrations from the original coding are transmitted generation to generation and become an expected and anticipated attribute of the species affected by this coding.

Scientists are attempting to excise unwanted genes and manipulate coding in order to create the perfect super human being.

The error in this thinking is that genetic coding is so complex and interrelated that it would be virtually impossible to make adjustments without creating other, perhaps even more undesirable, issues.

We understand that any person of science would disagree, but the intention is good: the betterment of humanity with greater physical prowess, intellectual capabilities, and longevity.

The same benefits can be created by an adjustment in consciousness—and without side effects.

The appropriate pathway back to perfection is through conscious adjustment of one’s attitudes and thoughts. Within the subatomic structure of DNA patterning and coding is the fingerprint of God in the physical plane of existence. This is the essence of consciousness in creation—and is the source of all being.