Scientists, philosophers, and physicians have sought to understand and define the complexities of the state of existence called life. In the sphere of the universe, life can neither be created nor destroyed. No human or species upon your planet or any other planet has ever created—or destroyed—life. You might argue about the reproductive processes upon your planet or the ability to destroy a living thing. In either case, you are neither creating nor destroying life—you are simply changing its form.

Your planet abounds with life. You rub shoulders with life every day. Your physical existence is an expression of life; yet, the ability to explain or define it is evasive. What makes something alive? Or dead? And where are the boundaries that define life and that which we perceive as inanimate? Is the rock dead or simply a different standard of consciousness? When one dies what has left and what remains?

To fully understand life, one must be willing to acknowledge a creative consciousness in existence.

lifeRecently renowned physicists and scientists have inferred that God was not necessary for creation. Many were frightened, dismayed, and angry over such a conjecture. Yet, in the definition of most religions concerning the concept of God, this theory is true. When creation, the combination of consciousness and physicality, is considered and that which exists is not separate from that which created it, this theory becomes more acceptable.

Life is the emergence of consciousness in creation. That is the simple, yet profound, definition that so many have sought. Everything has consciousness. The degree to which that consciousness expresses is the measure of life as you define it. Since death is not a reality, it is only a change, even the rock is birthed from an evolving planet to only return some day in a different form.

What you call the laws of nature are the foundational elements of consciousness expressing in creation.

Those laws of nature are the expression of life in what you consider to be inanimate objects and non-sentient species. The degree of consciousness expressed into creation is in direct proportion to the ability to interact with or comprehend creation. All is born from the one consciousness, and be it the amoeba or the king, the planet, or the galaxy, all are expressive of one being of consciousness, no part lesser than the other, only serving different aspects of creation.

Everything in creation exists for the sole purpose of consciousness to express. So every rock, every drop of water, every star in the sky, every molecule and atom in every universe that exists and dimensions that are shared, are for the sole intent and deliberate purpose for consciousness to express. All these aspects of creation are neither your servants nor are you their master. They exist for what you yourself contain, which is the consciousness of God in physical form. God is the caretaker of the gardens—and so are you.

Life is the mirror in which consciousness can see itself expressing; for, consciousness wished to experience itself and created you.

Life is a miraculous, inter-connective, and infinitely complex set of circumstances and experiences, guided by the only mind that ever existed to express itself fully and completely. Life is the aspect of your consciousness that allows you to express in physical form. Life is the expression of existence. All things forever exist, and in that existence, they always are—and in physical form they become alive.

Do you know how precious you are? Not only because you are an infinite and eternal soul expressing in physical form. But your being, like those across the galaxies and universe, is the end result of an evolutionary process begun at the moment of creation—and will continue this process until it returns to that which created it.

You are consciousness expressing in creation returning to a pure state of being. That is the meaning and the mechanism of life.