A Course in Understanding Universal Energy

Cellular Circuitry Receptivity and Conductivity

If we keep in mind that our physical bodies are not unlike a radio or TV, a receiver and the transmitter of energy, we will have a clearer understanding of cellular circuitry. Just as art imitates life, electronics imitate the physical body. The cells of the body are fundamental to its effective operation of transmission and reception.

human circuitryThere are two attributes that every cell of the physical body possesses, first, its ability to reproduce itself, secondly, it possess cellular memory. In essence, cells receive universal energy (the life-giving source) and are able to perpetuate themselves ad infinitum. Therefore, in actuality, the human body is an immortal organism, however in practice, we have yet to master that attribute.

To fully understand the human body, its genetics and its bodily processes, we need to come to understand cellular imprinting and coding. Probably most of us have some basic understanding of the imprinting and coding held within the cells of the body. Imprinting is that which is imposed upon the cells from outside forces, be it positive or negative, and affects its receptivity to and utilization of universal energy. Coding is the purpose that a cell exists and it conducts appropriate energies for its function. An example, a cell from the human heart is coded differently than a liver cell. A heart cell will always be a heart cell and a liver cell will always be a liver cell. On the other hand, imprinting affects a cell’s response to that coding, you can have a healthy liver cell or a diseased liver cell. Imprinting is a cell’s response to the energies, be it of love or in the case of cirrhosis of the liver, the energy of hatred.

DNAAt this point, some might question how genetics play into this mix. Can you remember times family members sat around the table and spoke about a condition that grandma had, mother had and now you cringe that you might have. Certainly at this point, the question arises are we predestined by our genetics? It would almost seem so yet to acknowledge that would undermine the very basis that “mind is over matter.” Genetics does not predestine an individual to a certain malady but predisposes them to certain energetic patterns. We inherit our cellular structures from our ancestors, somewhat like different models of a television or radio. As a result a “certain model” might deal with stress in one manner, such as heart disease, another model might create ulcers. Genetics is the pattern of cellular circuitry much like the difference between a Macintosh and IBM computer, both perform the same function, each utilizes the available energy in its own unique pattern. Therefore, an individual is not predestined to heart disease if there has been a history of heart disease in their family but if an individual chooses to participate in stress, his ancestral cellular circuitry will most likely channel this unwanted energy in that direction.

energyNow that we have established a basic understanding of the attributes of physical cells, it is important to discuss how they function. If the body is a receiver and transmitter of universal energy, what part do the cells play in that function? What part of the “radio” are the cells? They are the transistors. Transistors in electronic terminology represent those devices that carry over an energy from one form to another. They assist in the transition. Therefore, the physical cells of the body are the mechanism that translates universal energy into physical form. The cells bridge the gap between the world of spirit and the world of the physical. We will come to understand their significance and their importance when we come to realize that they exist simultaneously in both realms. Within the cells of the physical body is the encoding of divinity, the memory of every experience ever lived and the pathway to perfection. When we come to realize that the spiritual journey is a journey of physical transformation, that our goal is not to cast off the physical but to transform it,
we are halfway home. The cells are the physical manifestation of universal energy in form. When we see cells as the “yellow brick road” that leads us “home” we will have truly begun the transformational process.

energyThat is why we raise the vibratory rate of the physical body to healing for assist in erasing unwanted imprinting and to enhance the natural coding of our divine beings. We are simply lightbeings-in-waiting, waiting to awaken to the natural, normal resonance of our physical expressions. Remember the spiritual journey is a journey of physical transformation and the cells of your physical body are the keys that open the doors to the kingdom within.