A Course in Understanding Universal Energy

Human Energy Field

The human body is a finely tuned and complex receiver and transmitter of Universal Energy. It is born from the trinitized consciousness of utilization, identification and definition and is a perfect vehicle to maintain and facilitate conscious being. It is also the perfect mechanism to facilitate and utilize energies. No other species on the planet has as great a sensitivity to the reception of Universal Energy or the ability to manipulate and project it as does humanity.

Manipulation of energy is different than definition. Definition is the ability to create a specific resonant signature, it is the message being energetically delivered. Manipulation is the ability to direct the energy to enhance the definition. It is means in which the message is delivered. As a result the human organism, its physical, emotional and mental bodies are highly susceptible to any variation in energetic frequencies.

third eyeThe chakras of the physical body are a thousand times more sensitive to energy than the iris of your eye to variations in light. The energetic chakras of the physical body are specifically designed to only accept the specific Universal Energy to which its frequency resonates and to either filter out negative or undesired energies or to close down, so not to accept the intruding energy. Therefore, when a chakra is being bombarded with an undesired energy, the chakra becomes either clogged due to the filtration process or closed down, strangling the energetic systems of the body from the necessary energies for balance and health. As a result, the emotional, mental and physical bodies become unbalanced and dis-eased.

Perfect health, physically, emotionally and mentally, is when all chakras are open and balanced. Balanced means that all chakras are equally open and responding in perfect resonance with their energy frequencies. Disease is manifested when the energetic bodies of a physical organism are unable to receive the necessary energetic nutrients to sustain themselves. The energetic body becomes malnourished and unable to function properly, therefore, becoming dis-eased.

heart chakraThis imbalance has a direct effect on the physical body due to the chakras’ interrelationship with the endocrine system of the body. This energetic stimulation is how all physical, emotional and mental centers of the physical, spiritual and ethereal bodies are affected. The chakras are the umbilical cord to the source providing nutrients and sustenance for our gestation period in the womb of the third dimension. We await our birth into the conscious remembrance of who we are and where we dwell, returning to the radiant light beings that we truly are.