With the emergence of the changing of the age, it is valuable to understand that the “boundaries and horizons” between the dimensions is thinning or, perhaps a better analogy, evaporating.

As we have indicated in past discussions on this topic, the process that humanity is in and the events that are about to occur are not to be seen as some prediction of doom or gloom, catastrophic events or, even worse, the end of the world. There is no end to the physical plane of existence–only a change, an advancement of moving forward.

seasons of the universeConsciousness is like the waves on the sea, each marching forward towards the shore. Each having their moment, then to be followed by another wave. So it is with Consciousness, not only does the physical universe pulse with the heartbeat of creation, so does Consciousness.

The emergence of the New Age is not to be seen as the year 2000 or a Y2K. Throughout history there have been predictions in human terms and human time to events or shifts that would occur. What we are speaking of is universal time and when one allows themselves to align to the natural ebbs and flows of energy and Consciousness in the universe, their sailing upon the seas of existence will be easy and the arrival at their destination assured.

With that stated, it is appropriate to respond, be sensitive to, and prepare oneself for the natural shifts that occur within the universal cycle of existence. The changing of the age is an optimum time for conscious advancement. This is not a human construct, this is a universal truth. Humanity has come to understand the seasons, when to plant, when to harvest. It would serve humanity well to understand the seasons of the universe, just as spring is optimum for growing and winter would be a foolhardy time to plant, so it is in the seasons of universal existence. The last age was the planting. This age is the harvest; the seeds of the last centuries, the advancements, the challenges, the promises, and the perils of human evolution are coming to fruition.

seasons of the universeWhen one is open to the advancement of humanity’s perception of itself as a universal partner in creation and the horizons of love which extend beyond the boundaries of oneself, the transition will be easy and evident and as the universe takes in a deep breath of Consciousness and exhales a new creation, humanity will ride like a leaf upon the waves to a shore they have not yet perceived.

Humanity always looks for the sensational, the dramatic, and even the catastrophic. It is more interesting, exciting and evident. The universe in the stillness of knowingness and awareness seeks the silent understanding that emerges as an eternal truth. You want to see sensational? Spectacular? Look into the night sky or behold the first breath of a newborn child or the little sprout that has made its way through three-inches of concrete on a sidewalk. The greatest power, the great awareness, the greatest strength of the universe is found in the stillness and silence of an ever-emerging existence. The days ahead are, indeed, wondrous. Any catastrophic, disastrous, turbulent events are caused by humanity’s response to this natural evolutionary process.

seasons of the universeYes, there will be earth changes and humanity may reel and be tossed and turned by the changes that occur, both from its abuse of the planet and nature’s natural shifts. At no greater time than during this shift will it be evident of humanity’s disharmony with nature. It may seem like the earth is raging against humanity’s very existence. When, in truth, mark our words, nature never does harm to its children. Yes, raging storms, fiery volcanoes, rumbling earthquakes may rampage around the planet, but those who are attuned and the indigenous children of the planet–the animals–know and understand. Even in their destruction, they understand, is the seed of life. Life as you know it upon this planet was born from fire and storms and earthquakes that ravaged the planet. And out of it all–life was birthed.

So it is now, the changing of the age is not an ending but a promise that the universe is always expressing eternal life. As one prepares for winter or spring, prepare for the season of the harvest and allow the seeds of consciousness that have been well tended to bear the bountiful harvest, to be placed in your storehouse to feed you, to nurture you throughout the new age of awareness.