As you go about your day, be open to the holographic experience of humanity and the doors of conscious awareness will fling open. Cast aside your doubts. Eliminate trying to open the doorway to higher consciousness and simply acknowledge its existence.

Exercises to delve into the higher realms are for those who do not know it is there. Do you exercise to walk or do you simply walk? You might question, are they not learned experiences to ingrain into our conscious and subconscious to eliminate the blocks that hinder us from the truth?

You are already where you wish to be; for, in the night of your forgetting, you have slipped away to reunite with the stars. If you could see it from our perspective–the anticipation and excitement would be beyond measure. In other words, as you sit here, you sit in both realms.

Call upon your power

You are powerful, powerful beings, virtually limitless. And we do not speak that in some philosophical sense or in some veiled metaphor, you are aware that your power comes from the collective whole. You are more than who you perceive yourself to be. We hear your every prayer, we know your every desire and we experience the calling of your heart.

Look for God. Look for the oneness of All That Is in everything you do. See the sacredness in everything and everyone and therefore making it holy. Each thing is holy and can be made holy by your definition. Nothing is mundane; everything is sacred. Allow this realization to propel you to your destiny.

Creator and Creation are One

You and those like you that initially seeded the planet have returned to complete their handiwork. It was you and those like you that first stepped forth upon this planet. This is not an ego trip; all is equal in the universe. But look upon the earth and see your children. Do you think it is fantasy or farce what has been revealed to you? The circle has been reconvened and the universe goes forth, springing forth from your own loins of consciousness into a new species. You are of the great gathering that has been called forth. You are the creators and the creation, it is your handiwork. You have come to gather the harvest. Is all upon the planet equal? Indeed. If we were to take a cell of your body and make another being, does that being equal you?

Each of you have brought forth into this creation necessary properties for yourself and those about you. Do you comprehend that you and those who have gathered you have stood together on the great ship. You and those like you are being gathered to fulfill what you began eons ago. There is an illusion in humanity which does not exist in the universe that that which is created is less than the creator. In the universe the creator and the created are equal. Otherwise it would be a copy of a copy which would self-destruct. The creator and the created are one.

Your Holographic Nature

Connecting to the Presence, the I Am, creates a static electrical charge between you and the fourth dimension. Moving into that place of I Am, allows you to be free of all physical limitations, all time restraints. It is holographic in nature. Your higher self is not somewhere out there, it is in all its levels of being, as well as an aspect of you that stands before the throne of God as we speak.