From the very beginning of time, there was a promise and a hope that there would be one who would come, who would show the way. One who would be a light in the darkness, who would be one inseparable from the Creator and by their very being, would express the truth of human existence.

It had been prophesied from times of old, that there would be a child born who would rightfully inherit their father’s kingdom. A king of kings, a lord of all lords and one, who by their very nature, would bring peace, balance, harmony, tranquility and serenity to this world and all whom they encountered.

The world yearned for their coming, the birth of a child, the fulfilled promise. All the earth and the heavens yearned for the coming of this child. Wise men foretold and saw the signs in the heavens, for indeed, it was to come to pass that a child would be born. A holy child, a child filled with knowing, a child filled with love and understanding. One worthy to inherit their father’s kingdom on this earth. One whom by their very nature would bring peace, by their very being would bring love, and by their very existence would bring understanding of who they truly are and where they truly dwell.

The world and, indeed, the heavens yearned for the birth of this child, the Christ Child, for the universe would not be complete nor the world ever be the same again. So it came to pass in the perfection and fulfillment of time, that this child was brought forth into the world. This child was announced by the angels of heaven that the fulfilled promise had come, for God had become humanity. A new star appeared in the heavens for a great soul, a master, had been born into this world.

Then, in the innocence and the wonderment of this new experience, you took your very first breath . . .