There is an event in spiritual growth and transformation referred to as the “Dark Night of The Soul.” Throughout fable and actual history, there are epic tales of those who faced the most dire of circumstances, held to their beliefs, their faith, and even in certain circumstances died, to reached their spiritual attainment.

The Dark Night of The Soul is the pit experienced in the pyramid where all darkness and despair converges, hopelessness creeps by your door and despair is just a breath away.

In the midst of that void, that darkness, in the absence of hope or light, one holds firm to their belief that there is light beyond the darkness and they are transformed, empowered and enlightened.

To the degree that one experiences those trials and tribulations is in direct proportion to the rewards they receive in spiritual strength, knowingness, insight and awareness. The Dark Night of The Soul mimics the ultimate test of this plane of existence, that of being totally separated from the conscious awareness of the creative force and the oneness of All That Is.

Without the opportunity to become unaware of the light, that ultimate peril, one cannot be secure that nothing can shake them.

The Dark Night of The Soul always seems dire. It is important for one to realize that they have created this challenge in their life, just as the initiates prepared and were willing to descend into the pit, so does one descend into the darkness. The pit in one’s individual life is created by those places within one’s self that they are individually challenged, where they are out of balance, where they have doubt, where they are distracted and feel vulnerable.

This is not a punishment but rather an opportunity to become empowered in those areas of the negative ego in one’s life.

There is power in understanding that you, as an individual, has created this darkness, for if you have created it, you have the power to eliminate it.

The Dark Night of The Soul, that initiation that allows one to take flight, causes one to reach out through the darkness to touch the fingertips of God. You descend in order that you might ascend, that you build your consciousness upon the rock of knowingness, not upon the sands of change, will, mood or attitude.

Indeed, the darkness is frightening, and fear can surround you but it cannot touch you when you recall the light. For you are the light and when there is no light to be found around you, find it within yourself. The Dark Night of The Soul forces you to look inward and find the light within yourself.

 Once you have identified and accessed that light within, you can never be in darkness again–and that, dear ones, is attainment, that is what let’s you take flight.

Be sober in the evaluation of yourselves, identify the challenges you have created. But do not allow the negative ego to beat you down, to despise you, to disempower you. Rather welcome this opportunity for at the end of the Dark Night of The Soul is always a brilliant dawn–it must be so.

When one enters the dark night they have a choice to make, whether to buy into the illusion of separateness and despair, or to choose the presence of the consciousness of God within themselves which transforms all situations and circumstances. The Dark Night of The Soul does not eliminate the possibility of a better life or an easier way. It embeds within your very being to be truly, fully free, to be completely who you are.

The Dark Night of The Soul, like the rising and the setting of the sun, can return at different times in one’s life to create change and empowerment, refocus and direction.

You are never alone. You are never in the dark unless you choose to close your eyes from the presence that dwells within. Be brave, courageous and unfaltering from your vision of who you are and where you dwell and you will be set free. The doors of darkness will be closed forever in your life–and wisdom, knowledge, insight, and understanding will be your friends.