The situations and circumstances in your life are not limitations or do not impede your possibilities and potential; rather, they assist and facilitate the goals that you desire.

Believe and trust in yourself and the destiny that you desire. Be in the present yet with consideration for the future. Appropriate desire always takes into considerations life’s circumstances and needs yet is not limited by them.

Be most loving, kind, caring and compassionate to yourself; yet, declare, acknowledge and command that the circumstances and the situations that you are experiencing are propelling you on your desired course.

Remember, the path of the soul does not demand compromise of your goals or your beliefs. Command the situations and circumstances in your life to comply with your desires, and seize the opportunities within them with intention, focus and responsible action.

Chaos is the fertile ground of creation. Your current life circumstances are fertile ground for you to create. Seize the moment, commit to and acknowledge chaos as being of service to you. You are not victim of your circumstances. Mold them. Use them. Do not deny your desires and see within your challenges the fertile ground in which the seeds to create the harvest of your desires are found.