The present moment is the moment of all power and potentiality. Many philosophies, psychologies, and alternative approaches to healing recognize this.

The only moment you have, or will have, is in the present.

Yet often your focus, and therefore, your conscious awareness, waivers from the firm rock of the present moment with investments in the past or future. The present moment can be a slippery slope for human consciousness to maintain a foothold.

The present moment is a combination of the here and now; it holds many secrets and promises of which the human consciousness is unaware. Within the present moment, the eternal here and the eternal now reside. It is the springboard for possibilities and potentials, the realization of goals and the capturing of dreams when you are willing to unanchor yourself from past circumstances and situations, emotions and beliefs, and future concerns or fears—and even hopes.

The building blocks for the future are found in the present moments of the now.

Yes, you must visualize and affirm what you desire for the future, but you must fully and completely live in the present moment. While planning the future or seeking to release the past, you can often live there—waiting for something to occur or attempting to heal, relive or forget something in the past. The reality is all healing is in the now. All knowledge is in the now. All potentiality and possibility is in the now.

Dimensional shifts and reality changes occur when you unanchor youself from your past and your future.

How do you do that? You are always going to remember your past, and you are going to anticipate your future; it is the emotional attachment that causes your consciousness to waiver from the present moment of power.

Emotional attachments and investments bind you to what has been and hinders you from what you desire. You might say, “We have to have emotions and feelings.” Indeed, but have your emotions and feelings in the present moment. You cannot row a boat if you are not sitting in it. Let the oars of emotion row the boat of your present moment to the goals of your desire, free from any past troubled waters.

Whether it be the negative emotions of guilt and anxiety of the past, doubt and fear of the future, or the positive emotions of a past experience and anticipation of a future goal, don’t hold so tightly that you disempower yourself. To be truly empowered, you must be open to each and every moment, fresh and unhindered by what has or what may occur.

Logic and planning do have a place outside the present now but their implication is in the present moment.

How often have you stated, “I will do this when this happens or that happens?” When in reality you are only limiting yourself. Look for the seeds in the present moment of the fruit you wish to eat in the future. Forgive the past and be receptive to the future by living in the present moment in time.

Appropriately, many therapies work on releasing the past—but all that letting go, all that healing, all that forgiving is in the present moment.

It is the emotional attachments that cause you to need to do the processes at all. How many times a day do you anticipate and place your power in future expectations? Whatever your goals, their attainment is in the now. Infinity and eternity are in the present moment. And when you release those places which you have never dwelt or ever will—past and future—you will become all powerful in the present moment of creation.

We understand you live in a temporal world, and temporality has its place for it allows you orientation in a physical plane of existence.

Temporality gives you the opportunity to evaluate your creative choices while in the process of developing a higher conscious mind. Temporality is not a limitation–it is a mechanism of evaluation. It gives you a perspective of the evolutionary process of your own consciousness on its return to the one who created it.

So, for you to be fully conscious, for you to be fully creative, for you to be the divine being that you are, release the chains of the past and the attachments to the future. For even the creator has never existed any other place than here and now, and in this present moment, you will find the source of all things.