The illusion is that the physical plane of existence has a certain level of stability. When one is standing upon a floor that is seen as stable, one could balance on one foot or be in more precarious positions without toppling.

In reality the “physical floor” upon which you stand is in motion, changing angles, gyrating. If one was in a precarious position that required balance on a floor that was moving, they would topple. For one to balance in the changing physical existence, they need to be grounded, feet firmly planted, responsive in a positive manner to maintain their balance.

Therefore to survive the changes occurring in your reality, one must be firmly planted, firmly standing upon this moving plane of existence. This movement is not chaotic but it could seem chaotic to those standing on the floor. Rather it is a progression, a movement upward in consciousness.

That which used to be taken for granted can no longer be taken for granted. Balance is maintained by identifying and responding to the shifts in the foundation on which you stand. The physical plane of existence can feel much like a carnival ride that tosses and turns you. It is a natural phenomena for your planet to have earthquakes, adjustments in the physical plates of your planet. A needed adjustment where the pressure is too great and needs to be released. It is no different with the spiritual plane of existence. There are shifts in the layers of consciousness and the third dimensional plane is waiting to relieve those places of pressure and to bring balance into the universe.