Jesus suggested if you are lukewarm, “ I will spit you out from my mouth.“ The Hindi Islamic cultures see indecision as a deadly sin and a blatant statement of dishonoring God.

What is mediocrity and why is it so condemned by so many spiritual beliefs?

Mediocrity is not indecision but rather a state created from indecision. It is a denial of one’s ability to choose and generally occurs because of fear or powerlessness. It is the fear to create and the resulting paralysis.

Religiously it is an “unforgivable” sin for the indecisive spirit because there is neither faith to rally you nor redemption to be obtained. It is a lack of commitment to one’s self and their creation. It perhaps is the ultimate state of powerlessness. Better to have tried and fail than not try at all.

Mediocrity is not limited to just spiritual matters but personal as well as civil responsibilities.

Some of the greatest travesties that have or are being inflicted on mankind are done because no one bothered to care and or stand up for their belief in an innate good. For those wishing to take your power away, they are banking on your mediocrity and, as a result, you become an unwitting participant in their evil doing. Omission is truly the opposite of Consciousness. It is an intentional abdication of your creative responsibilities.

We write this because we wish you to be empowered people unafraid to take a stand and take a risk. Remember the only failure is to do nothing in the face of that which you believe to be unfair, untrue or unjust.

The opposite of mediocrity is commitment which results in a set of standards by which you live.

The opposite of mediocrity is not aggression or the imposition of your beliefs on another. The opposite of mediocrity is commitment which results in a set of standards by which you live. You change the world not by changing others but by changing yourselves.

Commitment is the catalyst for creation because one’s thoughts, words and deeds are in alignment with desired goals and when that commitment is combined with the consciousness, you are capable of creating all good things and are the conscious creators you were intended to be.