Firstly, the more that you merge with the One Mind, the One Thought and the One Soul, the more harmonious and balanced you become, and your life’s journey becomes more synchronous. When you are attuned with the One Mind, greater creativity manifests in your life. When you are in alignment with the One Thought your intuition sharpens, and merging with the One Soul creates harmony and balance. Any and all disruption in your life comes from a disconnection from one of those three aspects of consciousness

You can always tell which aspect of consciousness is out of balance by what is occurring in your reality:

— If you are lacking creativity, hope and possibility, you need to reconnect with the One Mind.

— If you are bungling along in life with little intuition and understanding, you are disconnected from the One Thought.

— If the physical world is an obstacle rather than a conduit of your desires, you are not connected to the One Soul.

How the illusion of separation occurred was from the erring belief that to observe something is to be separate from it.

The key is to observe it from it, within yourself so that the very thing you are observing is yourself. That is a path to higher consciousness–the only path that leads you to the trinity consciousness of the One Mind, the One Thought, and the One Soul.

Do not look for God outside yourself because then you are disconnected from consciousness.

The only place where the three consciousness’ reside in one place is within yourself, and from that you can incorporate everything into yourself. That is what comprehension is. When you comprehend, you are one with that which you perceive, it is no longer an observation but a participation.

Your reality has nothing to do with another individual.

Remember that you cannot observe anything that is not within yourself. Paradise is a place of Consciousness created from yourself. Please do take note that attainment takes no effort at all. Now there would be many unhappy monks to hear that comment, but have you ever heard a master say the path was difficult? Have you ever heard one call the seventh heaven or have a euphoric experience that they really had to work for? Now there is, indeed, work. the work comes not from trying to claw your way through physicality to find spirituality; for, spirituality is the source of physicality.

Why not focus on that which you are and let what you are radiate through to the world.

The work is getting yourself out of the way. You do not need to be good, you simply must allow. Surrender graciously so that the filters standing in the way of perfect perception will be eliminated.