Perspective and the point of observation are extremely important in one’s cognitive ability to comprehend what is being observed. Humanity, in its pursuit of spiritual truths, is often amiss in their point of observation.

In the past, we have used the analogy that any destination is but a short distance away, as well as being a great distance, depending on the direction you are facing. The example is if you are standing in front of your home, you are but a few feet from it. If you turn and begin to walk toward your home in the opposite direction, you will literally need to encircle the planet to reach your destination. So the distance to any destination is in direct proportion to your perception and, therefore, the perceived action needed to attain your goal. This truth reflects the interaction of the universe and consciousness, that any action is a movement towards yourself.

In the pursuit of any goal, it would seem logical that you would choose the most efficient and effective path to your destination. You would tell a friend who was walking towards their house by going in the opposite direction that they might want to turn around and take a shorter route.

We are your friends and we advise you to turn around and take the shorter distance to your spiritual destination. On the planet if you were walking west, you would be told to walk east; or if you were walking south, to turn and walk north. In regards to spiritual awareness and awakening, the turning around is going from looking outside of yourself to looking inside of yourself. The shortest distance to divinity is by journeying inward. The outward search is a far longer and tedious journey to the same destination.

Turn around. Your divinity is but a thought away.