It is often spoken of the spiritual value of being one with all things and that at the very essence of your being there is an inseparable bond between you and all creation. Though the oneness of All That Is is an irrevocable state of being, you participate in that union by embracing all that you encounter, be it an individual, an action, or a philosophy. It does not always mean acceptance or participation in it but rather a call to respond to it in love. Love re-unifies the scattered aspects of oneself created by the ego consciousness.

It is easy to embrace the beauty of a flower or the smile on a newborn baby’s face. It is more difficult when you witness evil, overt actions of selfishness and aggression, to incorporate that into yourself. When you embrace all aspects of yourself in love, you separate the wheat of consciousness from the chaff of the negative ego, and you can freely become One with All That Is.

If there is negativity in your world, it is evidence that you have not yet fully cleansed the negative ego from your collective consciousness. When you embrace all aspects of yourself in love, you become immune to the negative effects of ego conscious behavior. Paradise is created by an internal process of transformation rather than participation in an external environment.

You have heard of Jacob’s ladder, the question is—was the ladder lowered from above to humanity below, or did humanity raise the ladder from the earth to reach the heavens. Embrace yourselves. You cannot escape yourselves nor should you want to. Delve deeply into all of your creation and transform it by your consciousness into living expressions of yourself.