We would invite you often and readily to recall and remind yourself of your participation and presence in the oneness of All That Is. We have shared with you the primer. If your creative force that brings opportunities into your life is not strong, you need to embrace and encompass the One Mind. If your intuition, which is input from the realms and your awareness of what you perceive is manifested, is blurry and dull, you need to enhance your embrace of the One Thought. If your perceptions are not to your liking, if you are not in harmony and balance with your planet and the physical realms, you must embrace more fully the One Soul.

Now, how does one do that?

You are in limitation with the One Mind when you see yourself as limited.

If you box yourself into a corner, or into a little corner of possible reality, you must realize all possible realities are available. Remember that humanity has a tendency to attempt to change that which is projected rather than identify the source of that projection. Any limiting thought separates you from the One Mind. When you do not feel creativity and that energetic flow which is the fodder for creation in your life, observe where you are limiting yourself. No matter what, you are the only one limiting yourself. When you clear the filters, it must be for your highest good. So limitation is what causes you to be out of balance and non-embracing of the One Mind.

You become limited and disassociated with the One Thought as you feel separation.

The The One Mindhealing of this schism is when you realize that you do not create a thought at all. The One Thought is simply the comprehension of a greater mind. It can seem like, we will use the word, individualization. Individuality does not necessarily mean separation, but not to be mistaken for separation which is the subjectification from those things around you rather than observation of them which is comprehension—which is to be one from them. The One Thought is an objective conduit of perception. That objective observer is the point of observation in complete and total harmony and balance with that which it perceives.

The One Soul is hindered by the illusion of powerlessness and vulnerability.

When that which is perceived is seen outside yourself, you are dis-empowered. The One Soul and its reality is where your thoughts manifest. Try to think of any reality that does not have an originating thought, observation of it and manifestation of it. Those three keys, if you can recall, remember and utilize.