The universe is full of questions and answers. The exploration of existence and the presence of a divinity lead one to explore the outer horizons of the ability to reason. A riddle is seen as an intentional and purposeful clue to be explored in order to uncover a truth being sought. Reason is the analytical process that one goes through by examining facts and determining conclusions.

Which of these aspects of discovery, if either, are appropriate in the exploration of consciousness, creation and existence? Does divinity scatter riddles throughout the human consciousness to entice an expansion of awareness? Are facts of existence like precious grains of gold being sifted through the sands of human existence?

Divinity and consciousness do not seek to hinder or hide the truth of existence from any of its creation. Riddles are not created by the universe but rather as an intermediate step in the process of discovery, drawing humanity’s attention to the fact that something is hidden by their own limited self-awareness. The facts, or perhaps better stated, the laws of existence are evident and available to all who seek their discovery.

The universe is completely accessible. Consciousness is totally knowable and existence understandable—when you are open, aware, listening and attentive to the inner voice of your own eternal being.

riddlesDiscovery is returning, and awakening is remembering. All exploration and discovery of God, the universe and existence are an inner exploration of yourself. You are the reason for the riddle. The meaning and complexity of human existence, intertwined with the consciousness of God, is a musical dance of expression. You are the riddle and the reason that all exists. Discover yourself. Explore your inner being and riddles will become reason and facts understanding.

It is, indeed, an appropriate pursuit to explore the environment in which you exist and the universe in which you dwell. But in that pursuit, do not fail to recall that any exploration of an outside environment is an uncovering of an internal truth. What does existence say about you? What does the universe reveal about who you are? And what does divinity tell you about the truth of your being?

Derive pleasure from the exploration, joy to the search and laughter to the discovery; for, it is a joyous journey you embark on in the discovery, the exploration and the revelation of yourself.