The only personality God has is your own. You name him. You create the definition and the image of the expression of God in your life. Humanity’s greatest fear is that God might actually be like themselves. When you look upon your image of God, you can see a mirror of the aspects of yourself. To define God as an energy, consciousness, or spirit assists to eliminate the characteristic of God having a personality for you project upon the face of God that which you are, that which you have experienced.

You see the key is this: humanity is much like the growing child in its concept of God, at first needing to be literally held in their parents’ arms, in need of their parents’ protection. Then as the child toddles along, they crook their neck to see if the parent is close at hand. As the child grows and maturity occurs, a sense of independence and even separation from this parental figure occurs until the day comes when the child is standing upon their own two feet and looks directly into the eyes of the parent–independent, yet equal.

Such it is with humanity’s journey towards divine expression. Is it possible that in an attempt to define God you are defining yourself, and are they not one in the same?

You, Only Bigger and Better

See God in all things and you will see God in yourself. See God in yourself and you will see God in all things. That is the secret of what you are learning.

Your physical being has little to do with your true identity since you have been many expressions, therefore, in each and every person that you interact with you seek that internal expression of awareness. The only thing that really exists is that one same identity–God. It is your world.

Now we are not saying that what you perceive as other individuals does not exist–they do. They are all expressions of the same source, all expressions for yourself from your perspective. Each aspect of yourself looking at each other internally. This individualized expression looking at this individualized expression, etc. Is the other person outside of yourself real? Of course, because their identity is the same identity as you. Do you really, really, really believe that there is only one? And the wonderful part of it is that there are many of you.

When all is said and done, and the robes of physical existence are cast aside and you stand in the naked warmth of the glow of reality, you are complete in all things.