Existence is one of the three aspects of the consciousness of God. The curious part about the three aspects of divine consciousness—the creator, the created and the observer—is that they do not share a cause and effect relationship. No aspect of consciousness is the source of the other; yet, they are interdependent on each other to perform their role in consciousness. The energetic dynamic between the creative aspects of consciousness with that of the creation is made known through the reality of existence.

Existence is neither vulnerable to nor affected by anything created or not created.

You will always exist because the source of all things and its creations are in perpetual motion creating an eternal and infinite environment for existence to dwell. Humanity, since the beginning of its pursuit of spiritual understanding, has exalted the creative aspect of consciousness over all else, and from that seed of misunderstanding, the concept of God, as you have come to understand it, has been promulgated. Part of the process of awakening is to accept the equality between the aspects of consciousness.

Just as on earth you create from something, the same if is true in the spiritual realms. It is because of misunderstandings that humanity has been taught that God created the universe out of nothing. Nothing can be further form the truth. Immediately one would question what were the raw materials for creation before creation existed.

Consciousness is the substance of all things. Consciousness is like a three-legged stool that in order to maintain a stabilized position, must express the creative, the creation, and the existence aspects of itself simultaneously. Creation is not a past event or a future experience.

Creation is the present. The present is the moment of creation.

That is why you can only exist in the present moment because the only place this dynamic consciousness of existence is in the Eternal Here and the Eternal Now.

We understand the complexity of this concept; yet, we wish to share it with you in an attempt to assist you to begin to more fully understand your equal participation in both the creative and creation aspects of existence. It should give you great joy that you are equal and one with both the source and the creation of All That Is.

Perhaps what we have shared with you will give you deeper meaning and understanding to the many terms that are bantered about, such as oneness, the now, and the like. It is our goal, not only to give you a definition but an experiential understanding of that which you seek, what you call spiritual awareness. And in that noble state of existence, both the creator and the creation express themselves equally. For you, beloved friends, are neither servant or lord but you are the incomprehensible expression of consciousness expressed in creation.

For in truth, there are no masters and there are no servants, all is one in the same, equal and of assistance to each other—all aspects of yourself.

The veil will be rent, and awakening will be achieved when one removes the illusion of separation. The veil that hinders you is woven by the threads of your own alienation from the creator and the creation—which are you.

So when we speak of the veil is thinning, it is when you accept and comprehend the oneness of all aspects of yourself. Look at yourselves. Your body is physical creation. Your spirit is the consciousness—you are the walking, talking, breathing expressions of God.