The creative forces of the universe are beyond humanity’s ability to comprehend yet not beyond their ability to appreciate. The inability to fully understand the complexities of the universe and its interaction with its individual parts is not a deficit; for, there is not a single sentient species anywhere throughout the universe that is fully able to fathom the dynamic environment in which they exist. Yet, it would be inappropriate to abandon one’s search for understanding simply because of the inability to comprehend the whole.

In this concept, rather than discussing your neighborhood of the universe and what it is telling you about the creative source that birthed it, we would wish to step back and invite you to join us in a collective overview of the interaction of the aspects of creation with itself.

We have used the term “dance”—the dance of creation. This implies a synchronicity between the elements guided by a common melody.

Dance is a coordination creating beauty, rhythm, and synchronicity. Every single component of the physical universe is born from a corresponding energetic signature of the creative force of All That Is. What you call nature is but one aspect of a complex set of laws that govern the universal code of behavior. The universe, as you know it, is the physical expression of the consciousness that created it. The dance is the interaction between that creative force and that which is created. On the grand scale, the primary directive of all within the universe is to express the mind that created it and return to the source that birthed it.

Creation, like consciousness, is a perpetual motion machine—both are self-sustaining.

The energy of creation is its own source of consciousness, and consciousness is its own source of creation. They are both the source and the end product of their existence. We have spoken of the One Mind, the One Thought and the One Soul—the source, the observer, and the manifestation—as aspects of consciousness, i.e. God. Creation, and consciousness would not exist without each other. One is not the cause and the other the effect.

In a time eternal and a place infinite, cause and effect have no meaning. Creation is simply the self-expression of awareness, and awareness expresses as creation. This is the melody of the universe. Two lovers joined in a dance—the creator and the creation—in a journey of self-exploration and understanding. This is the dance of creation danced to the melody created before time on an infinite dance floor of possibilities.