We celebrate and rejoice in the potentials, possibilities and promises given humanity. The lessons learned, the tasks accomplished, the goals to reach and the promises to be obtained for you are coming to a deeper appreciation that the expression of your existence is greater than what can be comprehended.

The veil is ever thinning and the expression of physicality and the manifestation of consciousness merges into one dynamic being.

Not only is an expression of existence occurring but a shift in your realities because of the metamorphosis of your consciousness. You are coming to understand, accept and perceive the union of the spiritual and the physical aspects of your existence.

Time and space transform into eternity and infinity, and your perspective of who you are and where you dwell changes the perception of your world. The awareness of your inner being pours forth into your reality. It is the promise of the ages, the merger of the creative mind with the creation, the awareness that all you physically experience is one layer of an infinite holographic experience.

You are not locked into your current perception of yourself or the universe in which you dwell;

It is simply where the seed of your soul was planted in the fertile ground of physical existence. And as you have grown, matured and blossomed, your existence expands, not only deep into the planet below, but into the sky above, and the fragrance of your presence and the fruit of your being graces the place where you stand.

Such is the journey of existence and the fruit that grows from your being seeds new worlds.

New realities fall upon the earth from your boughs and from which grow the children of your thoughts, the seed of your divinity expressed in the ever-spiraling expression of existence.

Celebrate, rejoice, be one with your world, be one with yourself, be one with the consciousness from which you were born. For from the seedling grows the mighty oak, and from the mighty oak grows the seedling.