We have endeavored throughout numerous concepts to describe and define the interrelationship between consciousness and creation. In the most simplistic of definitions, it is a cause and effect relationship, in truth their interaction is far more dynamic and less one sided. They are interdependent expressions of unique energies, interdependent upon each other for expression.

Consciousness, by its very nature, must create and all creation is conscious, be it the rock, the oak, the bird, the bear or the human. As one unified unit, they express the dynamic relationship between the source and its manifestation.

Creation is the evidence of consciousness; and consciousness is the source of creation.

Consciousness is to creation as the candle is to light. It is the integration of these two aspects that create existence and the possibility of beingness. The power and the prestige of your being is that you possess both aspects, both fully participant in the creation and a partner in the consciousness.

The reason that humanity and those species throughout the universe who express this union of consciousness and creation is not some arbitrary gift or reward; it is by its very nature a necessary component of creative consciousness. When you are able to look at the role humanity plays beyond that of a species of your planet, you will understand that your expression is born from the union of consciousness and creation—and you are a participant in a greater community of conscious beings throughout the universe.

It intrigues us that your researchers and scientists have sought to identify the missing link. What is it? Who was it? Where some shift occurred in the natural evolutionary processes upon this planet for the emergence of a unique and specialized species.

Dear ones, you are the link. You are the missing link.

You are the resultant cause of creation and the expression of consciousness, as it is known upon this planet. It was always destined to be and the crown jewel of the creative process when creation becomes conscious of the creator, and consciousness is expressed in creation.

To fully and completely understand your reason for existence, step aside from your identification as a human being; for, you are the creative consciousness that pulses through the mighty oak, causes the world to turn, and the stars to be set ablaze. You are the “blood” of existence that permeates every fiber and cell, from the stone to the star and gives them cause to be. Your physical form is simply the optimum vehicle on this particular planet to contain this conscious expression of creation. Your physical body is the window of your soul which is an expression of the consciousness of All That Is looking upon its creation.

When you turn around and look from that which you seek within you, you will understand that you are why the flower exists and the bird flies. You have a precious responsibility to be expressive consciousness. Do not squander it. Do not diminish your being by ego concerns and negative conflicts. Go within that silent place and experience that you are the union of consciousness and creation and that you walk and are citizens of both worlds.