The nature of existence and the dynamic movement of consciousness between the creator and the creation is cyclical. Re-emergence is the counterpart of immersion and completes the energetic circuit between the creator and the creation. We use the term re-emergence as an indicator that the evolutionary process of returning to the source is not a removal or a separation from the physical plane of existence, but rather born from it.

When the seed of consciousness is immersed into physical creation, it begins the gestation process of re-emergence into an expression of the creative force that bore it.

Within this cycle lays the origins of existence created by energetic movement to and from the polarity created between the creator and the creation. Each cycle of immersion and re-emergence propels creation to a more refined state of consciousness, therefore, expressing the creative source more fully in physical form. This re-emergence process is the foundation for the concept of evolution. Creation is always redefining itself to be a more perfect expression of the consciousness that created it and, therefore, redefining how creation sees the creator.

This concept can be better understood when you observe both the ecological evolution of the planet and the sociological development of humankind. Most would admit that both the planet and its inhabitants are in perpetual motion and change. There is an intentional purpose for this developmental process. It is not to infer that creation was imperfect and needed to be corrected, but just as the child must go through a gestation process, so does the universe need its process of becoming a physical expression of the creator.

Therefore, the evolutionary cycle of the planet and human consciousness is born within the essence of your existence and expressed outwardly into your creation.

It is true that adaptability to environmental circumstances and situations is a primary cause for the evolutionary process, but the outward evolutionary shifts are a reflection of inner growth. One immerses into the physical plane of existence to wholly take on the physical attributes of third-dimensional existence and then re-emerge into the source—now inseparable from the physical plane.

Celebrate this cycle. Do not fear it or anticipate it, but accept it and be willing to participate in it—for without it you would cease to exist.