Intentionally, purposefully instruct yourself, remind yourself to ground yourself to this planet. As you walk upon the earth draw its energy into your being. Breathe in deeply the energetic aura of the planet. Consume and become one with the planet on which you dwell, the physical plane in which you exist.

It is intriguing and interesting to us that humanity will seek to unite with what they perceive as divinity. Much energy is put on becoming one with a relationship, community, organization, government or religion, and how little energy is put on becoming one with the physical plane of existence.

In some ways the physical plane of existence has gotten a bad spiritual rap.

The “flesh” as seen by Paul is viewed as negative. Rather, the physical plane is the conduit of your ascent in consciousness. In the flow of energy from the One Mind to the One Thought to the One Soul and back again, the more you immerse yourself in the physical plane, the more it returns you to the source and potentiality. When one embraces the physical plane the opportunities and creative abilities increase. The physical plane of existence is the doorway back to the One Mind which is potentiality.

That is why ultimately everything in the physical plane disintegrates because it is always returning to potentiality–that is the cycle.

Be it a quasar exploding or a flower dying. The cycle is far more exciting and interesting than the illusion of death—which occurs when one misinterprets the physical plane and sees it as finite rather that infinite. For every manifestation that is manifested is nurtured by its source forever and returns to the One Mind. The greatest gift, the greatest consciousness is when reality that is perceived is the consciousness that exists.