The term codependency is frequently bandied about. There are numerous groups centered around codependent behavior; whereas, interdependency is spoken of less often.

Interdependency is used by scientific and environmental groups to define the cohesiveness and network of support in creation. The term interdependency can also be of value in defining human interaction.

In fact, codependency is an aberration of the interdependency of humanity which is the natural state of existence.

• Interdependent relationships support you and enhance your ability to live well. Codependency is when you believe something outside of yourself is the source of your existence and your ability to live well.

• Interdependency is a servant to your dominion; codependency is a ruthless master over your life.

• Interdependency is the source; codependency offers nothing to enhance your life.

In truth, be it the species on the planet or a community of people, the very nature of existence is interdependent, each aspect of creation contributing to the whole. It is an outgoing and generous spirit, The result is that one plus one is greater than two. Codependency is a self-centered attitude generated from fear, utilizing control, manipulation, and deceit in an attempt to survive. It depletes those in the codependent relationship, and one plus one is less than two.

How do you then determine if you are interdependent vs codependent?

lizardThe answer is quite simple: if you are coming from a place of personal power and participation in the world in which you live, it is interdependent. If you are coming from a place of vulnerability and powerlessness, it is codependent.

Interdependence should be celebrated as a wonderful aspect of the creative experience of existence. When you live in an interdependent relationship, you are able to see the intricate web of support and assistance of all creation to each other. Codependency breaks down that web and strangulates the creative force in one’s life.

If you find yourself in a codependent relationship, search out where you have given your power away and where you have become dependent, rather than interdependent, in the relationship. Focus on what you contribute rather than what you need, confident that you are capable in or outside of that relationship.

Interdependency and codependency are indicators to the degree that you feel vulnerable or powerful in your life—and interdependency reigns supreme when you are in self-love and recognition of yourself.