Humanity, as an individualized expression of the consciousness of the whole of creation, has misinterpreted its individuality as an alienation from the totality of All That Is. Individuality, in the spirit in which it was created, was never intended to be a source of separation. Feelings of alienation and separation occur when one loses sight of the three basic principles of consciousness—the source, the observation and the manifestation.

As we have indicated in the past, the One Mind, which represents the source, the One Thought, which represents the observation, and the One Soul, which represents the manifestation, are integral parts of consciousness and the trinitized expression of divinity. It is only when humanity segments these aspects of consciousness that individuality becomes a state of separateness. The chasm between you, the creator, and that which was created is only bridged when there is an acceptance that those three aspects of consciousness are equal and one.

Consciousness is dynamic and in constant flux and movement with itself.

The truth of your existence is that you are the only species on the planet that consciously contains all three aspects of consciousness. Indeed, throughout the universe there are many more but that is not the topic here, other than to state that every plane of physical existence, in every universe of awareness, has an ambassador, such as yourselves, that merges the three aspects of consciousness into the three aspects of creation.

Humanity fails to realize—or perhaps is unwilling to accept—that you are the pinnacle of creation. The whole purpose of creation was for this intent. Humanity was born out of the perfect merging of consciousness and creation expressed as beingness.

You are conscious creators in training.

You wield the power of the gods, be it for your own fulfillment or destruction. You have all the attributes and abilities of your parent, yet not fully the knowledge or the judgment to use it wisely. Yet in the end, you will be fully and completely an expression of that which created you.

Be constant seekers, continual observers, and willing listeners in order to hear the voice of those who are in assistance to you. The only request we ask is that you allow the fertile ground of intent to maintain the roots of willingness in order to nourish the fragrant blossoms of divinity. And that occurs with the acceptance and realization that individuality is not an island, but rather a unique expression of the whole. The universe would be incomplete without each twinkling star in the heavens, and existence would be incomplete without the glow of your individual light.