Actions and reactions in the third-dimensional plane of existence are particularly curious and uniquely controlled by internal thought and external events. Within the laws of physics there is action and reaction, cause and effect, beginnings and endings. These aspects of third-dimensional existence play an important part in the potential and the power of intentional action.

In the higher realms of consciousness where duality does not exist, the past has never been and the future has already arrived.

There is instantaneous manifestation without any physical effort or energy to bring it into realization one’s thoughts. On the physical plane of existence action is the bridge between the thought and the destination, the belief and the attainment, the dream and one’s goal. It is a vitally important part of the creative process in the physical world. It is true that as one develops expertise in the use of their consciousness, the necessary action to attain an end result becomes less and perhaps nonexistent.

Probably the most evident of this manifestation without action is miracles. What is a miracle but an end result created by a desire without any evident action? Therefore, action is the means by which one maneuvers through the laws of the physical plane of existence to reach one’s goal.

Pursuit, progress, perfection are the three fundamental aspects for action to be successful in attaining one’s desires.

Pursuit is that effort in one’s life, be it mentally, emotionally or physically, to achieve one’s desire.

Progress is the awareness that one is heading toward the direction they wish to achieve.

Perfection does not mean without fault, it means that when one is in pursuit and progress they will always achieve their intended goal.

Pursuit, Progress, PerfectionPursuit, progress, perfection; acknowledgment, surrender, dominion. We believe you have heard those words before. Those triune aspects of consciousness are imbued in all of existence. If one is in pursuit of something, they must acknowledge that it exists. When one identifies their progress, they surrender into the physical plane’s manifestation of their intent. And perfection is the attitude that one must attain their goal when they are in surrender, acknowledgment and dominion.

Your brother, in his teachings, spoke a parallel concept when he taught “ask and you will receive, knock and the door will be opened, seek and you shall find”. Be intentional and purposeful in all your actions for they are both the bridge from thought to manifestation and the expression of your consciousness in physical form.

Do not be judgmental of your actions but reverently and honestly take a critical examination of their direction and purpose and you will better understand the creative process in your life.

Actions and events are servants to the creative force of your consciousness–not the opposite.

If you do not like what is occurring in your reality, investigate your actions. What were you pursuing and acknowledging in your life and then recreate, reconstruct and reinvigorate your life. When you put into action your desires, your goals will be reached.