The Diary of the Universe

Available to all of humanity is the sum total of all knowledge that has been accumulated from the moment of creation. One only needs to be attuned, alert and willing in order to hear, to be instructed and guided by that Consciousness. One’s very existence validates one’s participation in that Consciousness. You are not, nor have you ever been, orphaned from the Source of your existence or participation in that which has created your awareness.

Access to the archives of Consciousness is unlocked by one’s willingness to look beyond the five senses.

To be open to the idea that the reality that they physically perceive is not the totality of that which exists. Becoming adept at utilizing the spiritual senses of intuition, vision, perception and awareness, to open the doors of understanding into a realms of enlightenment. Humanity is not only the physical expression of Consciousness but contained within that expression is access to the very infinite breath of knowledge, wisdom and understanding to maneuver through one’s physical existence.

Each and every individual, no matter what their education, their intelligence and even their level of common sense has access to the accumulation of all experience and thought as expressed in the dynamic interaction of thought and beingness called existence. If one was doing a research project they would acquire information in order to become knowledgeable of the topic they were exploring. The same is true for humanity to acquire information through accessing the infinite archives of Consciousness. Through perception, vision, intuition, and awareness one is able to access and discover information to make appropriate choices and actions in one’s life.

The wonderful thing about Consciousness it is cumulative and ever expanding though always infinite and eternal.

Archives of ConsciousnessThe voice of Consciousness is without ego, judgment, prejudice; it is all expressive, assistive and loving. Do not deny the inner voice within one’s self that has access to that infinite archive of information. Consciousness is not only a receptacle of information, it is an active and dynamic force in the utilization of that information for one’s benefit. Consciousness is interactive, intuitive, perceptive and aware so it is more than just a library of information to access; it is also the very incarnation of that information into manifestation.

Consciousness is consciousness and when integrated into the I AM of creation, there is no negativity.

There is nothing to fear in Consciousness, there is only assistance, there is only guidance, and there is only acceptance without judgment. Open your heart your mind and more importantly your soul to the awakening awareness of information, insight and understanding that is being funneled into the physical plane of existence through your being, to swing open the doors of enlightenment into a place of infinite understanding and awareness. For you are the ambassador of consciousness to this plane of existence and the gift that Consciousness brings to this plane.

And all is well in your world.