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Hypno Learning


by Stanley Walsh

The use of hypnosis has been proven as an effect tool to increase memory and recall, as well as improve study habits. Hypno Learning incorporates the subconscious mind’s affinity for imagery and its ability to utilize analogy. The listener is instructed to create an environment of focus and retention when studying or in class, and to effectively recall information when needed.

The “5Rs” creative visualization employs the use of an hypnotic trigger which have been shown to be an effective method for bringing forward positive suggestions while in a relaxed state. The trigger, in this case, is for the student to visualize five letter “Rs” in their mind either before receiving or recalling information. The five “Rs” triggers the subconscious mind to: Remember, Recall, Required, Records on Request.

The “Learning Channel” creates the analogy of the mind as a receiver, much like what one might find on a radio or television. The creative visualizations guides the listener through the process of tuning in the channel for learning and tuning out distractions and other concerns while studying, in class, doing homework or taking a test.

The use of these creative visualizations have shown an average increase of at least a grade point in academic scores and have been effectively used by children and adults, as well as doctors and lawyers studying for their boards.

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Product Description

Hypno Learning is part of the New Realities/Awakening Series® creative visualizations which have been assisting individuals to transform their lives for over 20 years. This program instructs the unconscious mind to create resolution and directs the subconscious mind to release thoughts, beliefs and unwanted behaviors that hinder you. Hypno Learning is a program of unconscious direction, subconscious release and conscious focus. These creative visualizations, in conjunction with the following three conscious attitudes, assist in creating permanent and lasting change in your life. The more you utilize these two visualizations and affirm your goals the greater the impact this program will be in guiding you in hypo learning.

Conscious Attitudes

  • Don’t resist. What you resist does persist.
  • Be willing to be willing. An affirmation is a statement about the future made in the present as if it occurred in the past. It is our vehicle of change, i.e. “I choose I am learning with ease, peace, health and joy.”
  • Never say never. Rather choose not now. The choice is yours.

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